The Grass Is Always Greener…

February 23, 2009

My two bits

…or around here, it’s better said, “The snow is always whiter…” We got a snowstorm over the weekend with about 7 inches of fresh snow. :-p

ANYWAY, have no fear– this is not another “snow” post! It’s…. a….. nother… CAT post! HAHAHA!

Seriously, what is with creatures, humans and animals alike? I call it the “grass is always greener syndrome.” Look at my cats, for example. One is an outdoor cat, Fuzzy. He HATED being inside– he tore up the place, tried to smash into walls, and tried to eat my cockatiel bird. He was pleased as punch when we finally adapted him to be an outdoors cat, several years ago (Although he does eat and sleep in our heated basement).

Livvy is pampered. She’s an indoor cat. She has all the comforts of a warm house, plenty of food, attention, etc.

But look at these guys.

He wants IN. She wants OUT.



We’re having a heck of a time keeping Livvy in the house right now. We’ve used up half of our squirt bottle, trying to train her to STAY INSIDE. But still, as soon as she hears the outside door open, she’s off like a rocket to the entrance. She gets SOAKED with water but doesn’t care. ARGH!!!

Fuzzy just saunters in, as soon as the door opens. He’s not as stealthy as Livvy– he just waltzes in, expecting us all to part the way and start singing How Great Thou Art as he passes by. What a character.

Anyway, so you got another cat post. Hey, it’s better than another snow post!

I really need to get out more….

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8 Responses to “The Grass Is Always Greener…”

  1. Gopal G. Says:

    Your post about the domestic cats is interesting. It does reveal your affection for them. Both the IN and the OUT cats look so innnocent in the photo. But tell me how do you protect your kids from what the medical specialists say is “source of infection”? My wife too is fond of domestic cats, dogs, rabbits, and parrots

  2. Gopal G. Says:

    I will read the other posts also one by one. I am from India, Chennai (Madras as it was known earlier). Tell me are you keen on getting info about my country and my city?


  3. Brillie Says:

    Hahaha… I like your cat. Really funny…

  4. akaGaGa Says:

    What a great picture! And so typical of cats. My mother’s Siamese (yeah, him again) was a house cat who would race out the door whenever possible … and go straight up a tree.

    One time when I couldn’t reach him, my mother went up the tree to get him down, which drew all the neighborhood kids. When one parent hollered down the street to ask what was going on, her daughter replied, “Anderson’s cat is up a tree. And so is Mrs. Anderson!”

  5. Mizé Says:

    Hi Rebeca.
    It doesn´t mind if your posts are about cats or snow, you always give a hilarious touch to them.
    About your cats: Poor guys, it´s not really their fault 🙂
    It´s February and their hormones are jumping all over their brains…so…they just can´t think straight. I think you got a small problem there as “Love is in the air”.
    Good Tuesday xx

  6. Cindy Says:

    Great post. I agree with Mize, all your posts are great. I personally love cats and don’t get tired of hearing about them. I just get tired of my own getting in my face. 🙂

    By the way, after your “1 in 3 LOLCats iz on drugz” post, I am now officially addicted to I Can Haz Cheezburger…thanks! I saw a pic there today that I just have to post on my blog.

  7. Rebecca Says:

    I love I Can Haz Cheesburger, too. 😀

    I think certain married people have started an online petition, saying that I need to stop posting about LOL Cats, because their spouses around the world are becoming addicted. HA!

    KIDDING! (But I wouldn’t be surprised!)

  8. Rebecca Says:

    Mize– LOVE?!?! Never, no no no, never! Not my precious baby girl Livvy!!! By the way, they are both “fixed,” so they’d better get those ideas out of their heads, pronto! Haha!