The Human Rodent and Other Odd Kids

August 27, 2009

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I’m talking about my friend’s three-year old son, Ryan. He’s a human rodent. Well, he’s NOT actually a RODENT. But he chews like one. Look at this shirt. My friend calls this a “chew shirt.” ROFL!! :rofl:
Chew Shirt

He chews through all his shirts. It’s got the entire family baffled. None of the other kids in the family did this (Yes, weird behavior is usually genetic, so feel free to blame grandma or grampa for all your quirks). So if my friend and her family go out to a nice restaurant or some place where Ryan is wearing a “nice” shirt, all the other children in the family are assigned to watch him, so that he doesn’t chew through one of his shirts. :holycow:

I’d say this one failed, lol. Another shirt for the rag pile! Too bad, it was a nice one.

When my friend first told me about Ryan’s “chew shirts,” I told her: OMG!! I HAVE GOT to blog about this. So I will have you know that I DID ask my friend if I could blog about it… and she said yes. And she gave me one of his shirts, to photograph. I suppose if I land a book deal or something like it, I’d have to share the royalties.. but for now, it’s free information. Kinda like CNN or NBC or something. Only– Freaky Frugalite is much better. :grinny:

I don’t know if Ryan chews through wood, like a beaver. Or through wiring, like a mouse. LOL. But he does a pretty good job chewing through his shirts, wouldn’t you say?

Hey Moms out there– did your kids ever do crazy stuff like this? I had one son who was a paper eater. God forbid if we left ANY paper lying around— I’d turn around and suddenly find the carpet peppered with juicy spitballs. I had another child that crawled backwards. He’d get himself stuck in the craziest places– in the girls’ dollhouse, under chairs and tables. All day long, we’d have to find out from where he was crying, only to lift up the tablecloth to see him wedged into some crevice, and have to yank him out by his arms. lol. He finally DID learn to crawl forwards, but only to do this… :wha:

In the Dollhouse

Motherhood is crazy, isn’t it?!

OK, so come on– I know you have some really weird kids out there. Make us moms feel better and tell us your stories.


14 Responses to “The Human Rodent and Other Odd Kids”

  1. hitesh Says:

    hey…..the kid got some talent………yea…every kid have some talent…….one of my cousin’s….he imitates his parent at an age of 3…..

    woo hoo……..,,,/

  2. Lisa Says:

    My daughter still has to pick out her toe fuzz.

    “Yes, weird behavior is usually genetic, so feel free to blame grandma or grampa for all your quirks.”

    I feel for your kids! :bananaguitar:

  3. Rebecca Says:

    Hitesh– yeah, TALENT. That’s what we parents call it! I’ll bet Ryan has a future as a tailor, or a fashion designer… or maybe a chewing gum specialist!

    Lisa– BWAHAHAHA!!! If you could only see them! Oh wait, you can. Yes, they are chips off the old block. See here:

  4. poray Says:

    My two year old bites his fingernails and toenails if he feels something does not feel right. I make it a point to clip his nails at least once a week to stop him from doing that but I still see him chipping at his nails using his mouth every now and then.

  5. Rebecca Says:

    That is a bit bizarre. :thinky: Good luck with your clothing budget šŸ™‚

  6. Vicki Says:

    How cute that is, and probably how expensive. It is funny that as soon as I had to think of the crazy things my kids do, I can’t. But I am sure I will figure it out tomorrow as they do them (rofl as I am sitting here my daughter is squinching up her face and breathing fast through her nose like a little bull and my nose is going from crying his eyes out to stopping and saying “can I watch bear and dinosaur?) All of their little unique traits are what make them so special. But that poor mom, I am sure that is frustrating!

  7. michel Says:

    I stumbled upon your blog today. I, too, enjoy the bible. It’s nice to know about someone who enjoys the bible and life in the world as it is as well. It doesn’t always have to be sackcloth and ashes :).

    I hope you’ll check out my blog:

    Your blog even looks great!

  8. Renee Says:

    I know him, too. His mom said that he did this shirt in three minutes when his Dad looked away! :wazzat:

  9. askcherlock Says:

    Since this is not your child, but a friend’s I feel a little better telling you that there is a disorder called Pica. I discovered this as a social worker when I did a home visit and the elder sister of the man I was to see had taken him to his room to change. He had eaten his wool sweater in minutes. Since he was my client, I did some research and found that this does occur in children as well as adults and may be caused by a mineral deficiency. You may want to look this up before discussing it with your friend, but it can be serious. It may not be the case with this child but I thought you would want to know. The man who was my client was receiving in-depth treatment for this.

  10. Ruth Says:

    When she was younger my daughter used to suck on the collars of her shirts–didn’t make them rag-pile worthy but they did get a bit stretched! Since then I’ve been told she has weak muscle tone in her mouth, she does have a speech impediment and I’m told that’s partly the cause of it.

  11. DorothyL Says:

    That’s different!
    One of my sons always chewed on the cuff of his sleeve..Drove me crazy.
    I guess we all have our little oddities…I do believe I myself was a perfect child :p NOT!

  12. My Caddy Singapore Says:

    That’s hilarious. Your friend gave birth to a beaver :). My niece hasn’t shown any signs of talent yet. She’s falling behind her peers. I better get her up to speed soon.

  13. Staci Says:

    My nephew never really crawled backwards or forwards. He just rolled everywhere, like a human tumbleweed, and then skipped straight to walking.

  14. Rebecca Says:

    I’ll bet we could start a forum where all we did was discuss the wacky things our kids did as babies! It would be hilarious!!!