The Itch to Travel

December 4, 2008


The worst part of the holidays is when my relatives telephone me. 🙁 I mean– that came out wrong– I LIKE it when they telephone me 😀 it’s just that I wish I could go and see them instead! lol. I hate it that they have to telephone me to talk to me. I’d much, much rather visit them, and make a trip of the visit! I hope to do it, very soon, for my relatives all across the country. Some relatives are very far away, all across the continent. Others are close by (in neighboring states) so it makes it easier. I used to do a lot of traveling in my younger years- I went with a friend to Florida when I was 14– THAT was a blast! And I traveled frequently to New Jersey (Wildwood area) when I lived with my penpal in Philadelphia). The New Jersey beach experience was one I’ll never forget. I’d never seen a boardwalk before– it was like a huge carnival on the beach. What a great time. There are millions of family-friendly and fun things to do in New Jersey. One of the best times to be had is at Morey’s Piers.
Morey’s Piers has always been THE place to go– they have loads of stuff for moms, dad, and kids. Amusement rides, shops, water parks, tons of food to feast on, plus hotels and motels nearby for convenience. It’s really a nice place to take the family for a holiday Jersey Shore beach vacation– yes, even in the winter! This is a great time ot go because there are no insects, the crowds are small, and there’s no snow yet. Morey’s Piers has a sepcial deal on a special holiday package, running now until January 9– you can save 40% on a season pass to both of their waterparks. Check out the website for details.

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