The Jensen Project TV Movie Airs Friday

July 13, 2010

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If you recall, a few weeks ago, I dropped a few delicious hints about The Jensen Project, a new family-friendly TV movie created by Walmart and P&G. We love their first project, Secrets of the Mountain. I was really happy to go see a sneak preview of their newest project. I wish I could tell you mire about it! But you’ll have to tune in yourself to find out– it’s airing on NBC this Friday, July 16th, at 8/7c pm. And the DVD will be available at Walmart the next day.

I can tell you that The Jensen Project has an all-star cast: Kellie Martin, Brady Smith, Patricia Richardson, David Andrews, LeVar Burton, and Alyssa Diaz. I was floored when I saw Kellie Martin. OMG I remember her from Christy! And Patricia Richardson was the mom Jill in Home Improvement, one of my all-time favorite TV shows! And LeVar Burton is, like, STELLAR! Remember him from Reading Rainbow and Roots? The new talent is Justin Kelly, who did a really great job. The music is done by Randy Jackson, who did a superb job with Secrets of the Mountain, and does it all over again with The Jensen Project.

The plot is (and I can only reveal SO much!) about a super-smart family that is called upon to save the world from a mad scientist. I think the movie was well done. I loved the emphasis on gadgets and technology. The stuff about nano-technology was creepy, though. I’ll have more about that when I review the movie, after the airing. Here’s a really, really brief trailer I found. It’s not very informative (I told you the plot was pretty top secret right now!!!), but it shows how they went ALL OUT to make a very classy movie.

It’s a good movie for the young to older teen; it’s for an older crowd compared to Secrets of the Mountain. It has some good humor, great special effects, great acting… all very well done. Thank God, the era of cheesy, insulting family movies is OVER. I’m glad to see family-friendly stuff finally making a comeback. I’m looking forward to seeing more!

Stay tuned for my review. 😀 And I hope to have a DVD giveaway, too!

P.S. In case you didn’t know, P&G paid for my trip to New York to see The Jensen Project. However, they did not pay me to write this post or to promote them in any way. I’m doing it on my own accord.

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  1. Larry Says:

    Was this a pilot? Will there be more to come?