The Lego King

February 8, 2009


I’m helping my young son build a “Lego” blog. We’re going to build a specialized template for it, so we’ve been looking for ideas online, hoping to create a Lego-oriented template. In my surfing, I found these incredible Lego creations! Wow! These are done by Nathan Sawaya, a New York-based artist who makes amazing works of art using only Legos– millions and millions of Legos!


Nathan Sawaya’s works of art are currently on tour across North America– the first art tour of its kind– called The Art of the Brick. What a blast that must be! And I’ll bet the cargo trucks are softly padded so the Legos don’t shake apart when hitting the potholes, eh?








I especially liked this one! 😀


Nathan Sawaya has a website here, showcasing a gallery filled with amazing Lego art creations. The collection is really stunning!

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11 Responses to “The Lego King”

  1. Lilysgramma Says:

    Wow! Those are incredible! Where does one get the ideas to do that.. or the patience! I can barely draw a smiley face! LOL

  2. akaGaGa Says:

    These are great! I love Legos. I used to get my son a new set every year for Christmas … and then I’d put it together! I still have a big box full of them, but I sure don’t have the creativity this guy does.

  3. Clara Says:

    Amazing! I love his art. I especially like the yellow guy spilling his “guts”. I’m sending his URL to my grandson.

  4. Joseph|Guyinlove Says:

    My goodness! He’s so good with what he does! I’m going to check his website now to see what other things he was able to create with legos.

  5. aenid Says:

    this is great!! =D

  6. Sher Says:

    Wow…these are amazing!!! It’s hard to believe people can really make things like this from Legos!

    And what a fun activity to do with your son! Good luck to him with his Lego blog!

  7. vulcanhammer Says:

    Excellent! Han Solo frozen in carbonite! Cool!

  8. Chic Gal Says:

    Wow! Oh my gosh…I’m off to visit his website. My son will love this!

  9. Staci Says:

    I can’t even imagine how long those took. My nephew got a huge Bionicle Lego set for Christmas, and it took us several days to finish it. Granted, we didn’t work nonstop on it, but still. Those pictured would have taken me all year, and with my luck, five minutes after I finished, I would probably trip over my own feet, crash into it, and break it all to pieces.

  10. Mizé Says:

    Really amazing. He´s an artist.
    In Germany, they have huge lego contests once a year. Normally I watch it on Sports TV, it´s amazing how much work those construction take and they´re all down in just five minutes.
    Good Wednesday xx