The Little Things

November 18, 2013


I had a dozen little, wonderful stories to write here, things I’ve “saved up” throughout the week … but then I log in and I’ve completely forgotten them.


They were REALLY good stories, believe me!

Oh, well.

The daughter snapped a photo of the first dusting of snow, last week. Those things are more humdrum to me now that I’ve seen them for almost 50 years, but the kids still get a thrill.

It's the season

I’m on a “Grumpy Cat” binge these days. Thanks to my witty daughter, I have created a few LOL Cat-ish posters that I am going to have printed. I’m going to frame them and put them on my desk at work. Oh yeahhhhh.



SNORT. What do you think? Think they’ll go over well?

Ant then I was perusing stuff on Facebook, (like BuildDirect’s website and Facebook page and etc), and saw this photo.

Um, YEAH. Why oh why??


That’s all I have to offer. Photos with captions. My car needs a bit of work so I’m working extra to earn the dough to fix it. Work, work, work! I’ll try to remember those funny stories….


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One Response to “The Little Things”

  1. Karen and Gerard Says:

    I like the stamp poster–it would be a great one to use at the post office!