The New Box

December 14, 2011



funny pictures - The Most Amazing Box Ever

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5 Responses to “The New Box”

  1. Rena Says:

    Oh my gosh that is stinking hilarious…the last picture of the cat’s face in the box is priceless!!!! hahahahahaha. Its a good thing that I wasn’t drinking anything because I would have spit it out laughing!!

  2. Secondary Roads Says:

    Now that’s FUNNY! I’m not ROFL. I couldn’t type this from down there. So the comment had to wait until the hysterical laughter died down enough to come under control. Thanks for the laughs. šŸ™‚

  3. Lin Says:

    Okay, I actually laughed out loud on this one. That is really funny.

  4. Rebecca Says:

    I keep reading it and reading it and every time I laugh and laugh and laugh!!!!!

    …….is my life really that pitiful?