The New Glenn Beck Book

October 22, 2009


I hit the ground running (again) today. I’d procrastinated going to the grocery store for about two weeks now (I’m working on a record; 2 weeks is the most I’ve been able to delay it so far!), but the children were languishing for food and drink. Sheesh. Isn’t a roof over their heads enough?! hee hee.

ANYWAY. (Boy, I can ramble). I got a chance to go out, fight the maniacal crowds at WalMart, and listen to the Glenn Beck Show on the way home. I haven’t heard him much; I’ve never listened to a complete show; but the husband sometimes comes home with the funniest (and most common-sensical) stories about Glenn Beck. And I’ve been hearing a little bit about Beck’s new book, Arguing With Idiots. Apparently, he has skits on his radio show reflecting the book (or vice versa, for all I know). It was HILARIOUS!!!!! Today, Beck and his sidekick Pat (who portrayed a verrry convincing “idiot” with a voice that sounded like Marvin the Martian) duked it out about income taxation. The argument always defaulted in to how Beck is overweight. It has me pounding the steering wheel with laughter!

I don’t think Beck is fat. I also cannot comprehend why he would feel insecure about it. But he handles the attacks very well with his self-deprecating humor and his stellar answers to the political problems our country is facing.

So I looked for the book, Arguing With Idiots, at my local library. WOULD you BELIEVE there are only TWO copies of this #1 New York Times best-selling book in the entire THREE county area in which I live?! Is that crap or what? Well, it’s something I’d buy, anyway. I saw the audio book on sale at, selling for just under $22 ( has free shipping on eligible book orders over $25). I think the audio book is narrated by Beck himself, which would make it even better.

Have you read the book? If so, what did you think? Is it worth buying now, or holding out until my library *finally* gets it. Remember, I live in Upstate New York– it could be YEARS before Becks’ book is allowed over the border, heh heh. :bangwall:

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6 Responses to “The New Glenn Beck Book”

  1. da Patriot Says:

    Don’t laugh, it could be years. If you want to read it, you had better buy it, or find a friend who has it, and borrow it.

  2. MegaMan the Madman Says:

    Haven’t read it but looking forward to reading it..Haven’t listened or watched his shows..but everything I hear about him he sounds interesting..Don’t count on the library I waited for a month to read one of Ron Paul’s books..You wait a long time for popular books at the library’s

  3. Buggys Says:

    I haven’t listened to his show yet but I have been hearing good things about it. I’ll have to make time. My real talk radio time is when I’m in the car alone.

  4. Tina T Says:

    I had the chance to buy this book or Michelle Malkin’s book at Costco the other day, and I bought Michelle’s book (very very dry, I wish I had gotten Beck’s.) I live in the San Francisco bay area, so I was surprised they were even selling it anywhere, and I know our library will never get it.

    If the audio version is really done by Beck, then I’m going to go with that instead of picking up the hardback at Costco. I think he’s very funny and most of the time very factual. I bet in a few more weeks they’ll have good deals on it on, conservative books seem to get deeply discounted there faster than the regular sites. I’ll update you after I’ve read or listened to it.

  5. Lin Says:

    Glenn Beck is one of far left/far right extremists that relies on whipping up hatred to get viewers. I would advise checking facts of anything he says.

    I got an email circular from him about Obama shutting down all the Chrysler dealerships that contributed to the Republican party and I felt outraged that such a thing would happen.

    I later did some basic research on the contributions and realized that 90% of all Chrysler dealerships contributed to the Republicans and the ones that were closer were picked by Chrysler over 6 month before the election as the worst performers. Then I saw video of Glenn Beck saying he was against the government saving Chrysler, so was for all the people losing their jobs??!!

    Funny how you get whipped up into a hate frenzy so easily when you don’t check out the facts.

    • Rebecca Says:

      Hi Lin, thanks for that information. Do you have the source for what Glenn Beck said, about the Chrysler dealerships?

      I’m not against Obama because he is a Democrat. I’m against Obama because he is against our Constitution, against liberty, and in favor of more government control of we citizens. I was against George Bush for the same reason, against Bill Clinton and George HW Bush for the same reason. Our problems in this country are way past partisan political bickering.

      I tend to side with Beck because he is a Constitutionalist. That which I have heard him say regarding our history and our form of government is indisputable.

      P.S. It’s totally unConstitutional for the president to have any authority to take over and/or close down businesses under the auspices of the government, anyway. So I think if there’s anyone who’s being shady and whipped up, it’s the president.