The Payatas Fund

March 25, 2009


I know I have many Filipino visitors to this blog– perhaps you already know about the Payatas children of the Philippines. These children, living in a landfill in the Smokey Mountains, pick through garbage in search of basic necessities and junk that they can sell to buy food. The Christmas For Payatas fund has been organized to make people aware of the poverty and disgusting conditions these children live in, and raise donations to help them. is working with the Lighthouse Center For Children Foundation to help these kids and their families. There are already numerous, prominent supporters for the fund, but every person and every penny counts! The funds raised will help continue the programs already in place, and help build better housing and provide basic needs for the Payatas families.

You can go to the website,Christmas For Payatas, to see a short video about the organization and the Payatas children. Please check it out and consider giving to this worthy cause! <

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2 Responses to “The Payatas Fund”

  1. Vera Says:

    Thank you for supporting a cause that benefits Filipino children. 🙂

  2. Pastor Jack Wilson Says:

    If you really want to help the kids, help an organization who is doing it. Last week we sent 75 kids and counselors to Laguna Word of Life Camp. This week we will have VBS for about 100 children. We have a free medical clinic and have done many verifiable services for the poor.