The Peevish Disputant Strikes Again

October 2, 2012


Well, I was reading a few of my most recent posts and I realized I have had WAY too many happy, perky posts around here. It’s time to get riled up! It’s time for the latest “Pet Peeves” Edition! Right, Livvy?!


That is my kitty’s “peevish” face. So we call her our Peevish Disputant when she looks like she’s just sucked a lemon. Isn’t that photo simply priceless?! :rofl:

All righty, folks, hold on to your hats, a griping-we-will-go! :gangpunch:

1. I can’t STAND it when I am typing on my computer — typing a comment on a blog, typing an email, a password, or writing an article — and some dumb Windows thing pops up, takes over my current activity, grabs the text I am typing, and then disappears. I HATE THAT! I have messed up so many passwords and accounts that way.

2. Why doesn’t Firefox have an “auto-fill” feature? All the other browsers do. I get tired of typing my name, email address and blog URL every single time I have to leave a comment somewhere. I tried a few auto-fill plugins but they are all so complicated and I can’t get them to work. I just want a simple basic auto-fill, is that too much to ask, for crying out loud?

3. I am not looking forward to Windows 8. I have to have it because I write tech articles and one of the requirements is to own and know how to use (and teach how-tos) on the latest software programs. I downloaded the preview version to see if my fears were just fears… they are not! Windows 8 stinks! It’s designed for touch screens so it uses “apps.” Now, on a cell phone, apps and touch screens are terrific. But a computer at a desk? Who wants to hover their arm over their desk all day?! And I also write articles and do research, which means that I usually have 8 to 10 programs open at the same time. While Win8 does have a “desktop feature,” it opens PDF files with an “app.” Which means that to view a PDF (or use any other kind of app), everything on your screen is gone so it will show only the PDF. Um, NO. I need to see the PDF on one side of the screen and my work on the other.

It stinks and I am dreading the change. I didn’t even like Windows 7 when it came out. I have been so happy with Vista!

4. Whenever I am not logged in to my blog and I leave a comment, WordPress always puts my comment in moderation until I log in and approve it. I think this is dumb. When YOU comment regularly, there is no moderation, WordPress zips your comment through. I am the WordPress ADMIN, you’d think I’d get some respect, huh? Nope.

5. I hate Darwinism. It’s just so… stupid. There is NO evolution, guys. Nothing. There’s adaptation, sure, but no species changes into another! Just think about the eye or the cell or even the fact that there are males and females and it’s not too difficult to figure out…

6. I just heard that Google is closing Feedburner. WHY THE HECK TO THEY BUY OUT A BUSINESS and then close it?!Ā  :rollingpin: Ooo makes me mad. I have been using Feedburner for a few years and my clients *kinda* rely on my subscription stats. So what else is there for subscribers? And how am I going to get all my current subscribers to switch over? What a pain.

7. You know that one of the reasons I like to write these posts is I get to use my cute smilies. :beanie:

Well, that’s all the rants for today! Have a great day, friends! :grinny:

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9 Responses to “The Peevish Disputant Strikes Again”

  1. Susi Says:

    Why don’t you use Chrome. I love it. Even use it as my browser of choice on my phone.:) Good luck with Windows 8.

    • Rebecca Says:

      Hi, Susi, thanks for the tip! I bounce back from FF to Chrome. I guess I’m officially “old” because I feel better using the technology I’m accustomed to. I never thought I’d get to this point, LOL!

  2. Rebecca Says:

    I have tried Chrome and disn’t like it. It seemed unnatural. I have bounced from Firefox to Chrome a couple of times but I just can’t adapt to it. I also have this cold war going on with Google, so that’s another reason!

    And yes, this comment is in moderation. Unbelievable!

  3. Rena Says:

    Love her face!! :rofl:

    We use Firefox and auto fill works on ours. It remembers my email, address, phone number, urls etc. Do you clear your history out daily? That may be why it isn’t working? :think:

    • Rebecca Says:

      Rena – I’ve made so many changes to my FF settings (I have various computers), so I’ll check. That’s a very good idea… thanks!

  4. Chuck Says:

    Your #7 rescued me from falling into the Slough of Despond after reading #6. :gah: I do love the smilies. :luvs: And when you do login to WP it takes you to the admin page and you have to navigate back. :nonono:

  5. Judy Says:

    I hope you feel better after your rant. It was a good one. And I love your smilies too šŸ™‚ šŸ˜‰

  6. lin Says:

    Do you feel better? I can’t say any of these bother me, but I’ve got a boatload of my own–but no smilies. šŸ™

  7. Rebecca Says:

    Yes, everyone, I guess I do feel better, but I’d feel even better if the problems were solved. :rant:

    Still, this is all in good fun. :beebop: No harm meant.

    Except for Win8. I really do hate that. :blammo: