The Pet Blog Hop

August 7, 2010


My lovely blogging friend Karen at Karen & Gerard Zemek has a neat post about pets. Their dog, Abby Dabby Doo (don’t you just LOVE that name!) was featured in their local Ohio newspaper. So Karen decided to give every pet the chance to be famous with her Pet Blog Hop. It looked like fun (and was simple and easy on a Saturday morning), so I thought I’d “interview” my darling kitty, Livvy.

Livvy 4

Pet’s Name: Olivia (Livvy is her nickname)
Age: 2
Breed/Type: Tabby-Point Siamese
Dines on: Purina One/Dad’s dry food; Friskies canned food
Favorite treat: Temptations and tuna
Occupation: Following Mom around to make sure she always has a companion
Favorite pastime: Watching the Outdoor Cats; chasing crickets
Best trick: Opens the door (the door handle is an old 1855 iron thumb latch). See this video of Livvy opening the door!!
Shared trait with owner: Sits in front of the computer screen all day :-p
Praise from the owner: I’ve never known such a personable, affectionate cat. She often nuzzles my face.
If you could change one thing about your pet: I wish she would stop trying to sneak outdoors. She’s horribly persistent and has given us some big scares. It ain’t happening, Livvy!

Livvy was a “rescue” kitten. Her mom is a lovely Siamese, but her dad is some roaming tabby cat. Therefore, Livvy and her siblings were cast-offs. I paid $25 for Livvy, two years ago! I’ve never paid for a cat before. After having her, I wish I had taken in her siblings. She is so incredibly affectionate, the sweetest cat I’ve ever known. And she sometimes “talks” to us with pulses of sounds.

Livvy and Daddy1

10 weeks old.

Livvy is a polydactyl kitty, with six toes. This makes her a little klutzy sometimes.

polydactyl prints

Livvy's polydactly paw print is on top of one of the Outdoor Cats' paw prints.

Livvy Bath

You can really see her mittens here. This photo was taken after she dunked her foot in my coffee that was on my desk, shook her leg, and saturated everything. Grrr.

She has nice markings. She was much whiter when she was a baby; she’s darkened up a lot now. I think she looks like a Siberian tiger.


She's a MANIAC about going outside.

When she was little, she played Find the Kitty a lot.

Find the Kitty

She thinks she is invisible.

She’s a real companion cat. But she doesn’t like to sit on laps. She sits on keyboards. :-p

Keyboard Kitty

She's an aspiring writer, apparently.

Thanks for reading about our lovely Livvy!

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5 Responses to “The Pet Blog Hop”

  1. Karen & Gerard Says:

    Thanks for participating in my pet blog hop! Livvy is a beautiful cat and sounds like a wonderful companion! She’s so cute as a kitten hiding on your desk! Our first cat, Moe, liked tuna a lot but Spunky and Manny not so much.

  2. Lin Says:

    She is the prettiest kitty I have ever seen. Well, I think Sparkle is right up there too. But I haven’t seen many cats with her markings–just stunning!

    My kitties don’t sit on me for too long. Grace won’t even think about it at all, but Hobbes will come over for smoochies and stay for awhile. I’m glad he doesn’t stay too long because he is HEAVY! Cats get heavy on your legs–have you ever noticed that?

  3. Sparkle Says:

    I loved reading about Livvy! (And thanks, Lin, for the compliment! Of course I know how stunning I am, but I enjoy the validation!) Livvy is a very unique kitty, both in looks and personality. You lucked out by paying $25 for such a priceless treasure!

    If I have room this week, I will be playing this meme too, but with a twist.

  4. Karen and Gerard Says:

    Livvy’s legs and feet remind me of a snow leopard’s, especially the picture of her in the snow. My cats don’t like sitting on my lap either.


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