The Phishing Hole

May 30, 2011


…that would be my email inbox.

In case you didn’t hear, Verizon– my telephone carrier as well as my Internet service provider– was hacked into. The *only* thing the creeps stole were email addresses, house addresses and other “harmless” information.

:rants: Harmless, my eye! I don’t care for ANYONE to have that information! Hello! Why do I pay Verizon money to keep my name, address and phone number unlisted?!

Then, Verizon gets this idiotic idea to merge our email addresses with our telephone account and online bill pay! I can’t believe it!!!! :rage: Are these people absolute dummies?? Why are they making us LESS secure while at the same time our information is out there in God-knows whose hands??

I’m ranting because I got three phishing emails today, in a matter of hours. I can spot them *pretty* easily. One of them was for Adobe Acrobat (“click here to update!”) and another few were for Skype. Rrrrright, buddy, like I’m gonna click your link.

So I went to the Verizon website to file a phishing report. They have an email address where you can forward the phishing emails, so they can investigate. So I sent all three. Guess what Verizon sent me?

The following recipient(s) cannot be reached: on 5/30/2011 12:34 PM
550 5.7.1 The message you attempted to send was determined to be spam.


I’m seriously thinking of going to Time Warner, folks. But I hear they’re just as bad….

In the past, I never really believed I needed any kind of identity theft protection, but now I am thinking again. It’s getting too, TOO common, folks. I did have identity theft about 6 years ago. Some creep had hacked into my bank account and took money out. I spent untold hours filling forms and reports with the police and the attorney general and a slew of other suits. I have no idea even anyone even did anything. šŸ™

And of course I, like zillions of fellow Americans, have had my credit card and personal information stolen several times. I just can’t believe how easy it is for hackers to simply steal everything. Identity Hawk is sure looking good, I tell ya. *sigh*

One Response to “The Phishing Hole”

  1. blueyes Says:

    Ya time warner sucks bad. I have knology and they aren’t that much better. I’ve been trying to access my Showtime on Demand ever since I got those channels activated and 1 tech told me just reboot the system *a**hat* then when I called back the next tech said I needed to replace my box which I did but that made channel surfing worse cuz of the delay which the other box didnt have. Called them back and they said we have to elevate it and call you back. Called back to find out the deal and they said we gotta send a tech, well, that doesn’t work for me cuz I’m never home :/