The Pinhole Glasses Experiment

July 9, 2008


The kids went out to the mailbox the other day, and ran back to me, flapping a little padded package. It was something from Italy! I’d never gotten anything from Italy before! We ripped the package open to discover the pinhole glasses I’d read about on the Internet.


Hmmm. They look a little funky.


Now this is not a paid review, so you’re going to get my pure and unbiased opinion (not an unusual thing around here, anyway, lol).

So there’s a website all about these pinhole glasses. Check it out, because there’s a ton of information there that I can’t pack into this one little bitty blog post. But the basic gist is: the pinhole eyeglasses use the idea of pinpoints to see better. I have very, very poor vision, something like 20/1000. So that means what most people can see at 1,000 feet, I can only see at 20 feet. Truly, I don’t see anything, not at 1,000 feet or 20 feet, or 2 inches. Nothing is ever clear. I’ve checked out everything for improving my vision: lasik, implants, etc. Nothing will really work for me. So I wear thick glasses– BUT I am still able to drive! 😀

OK, back to these pinhole eyeglasses. You know how you squint to see better? And have you ever cupped your hand around your eye in order to see clearer (kind of like a camera aperture or binoculars)? I have. I do see a little clearer when I have done that. So I was interested in these pinhole glasses. But unfortunately, they do not work for me. When I wear them without my regular glasses, I can actually see things a little clearer– yippee! But things were still not clear enough for me to be able to toss out my glasses. And I’m not interested in exchanging one set of glasses for another.

So I asked my guinea pigs kids to try the glasses, too. Here’s Beetle Bailey modeling the lovely off-white/clear frames with the stylish black lenses. He wears glasses, too, so he tried them on over his own glasses.


After modeling them, he started to walk around but I noticed he was staggering. I asked him if he was OK, and he replied, “I feel like a fly.” LOL! He then added, “These things should come with a pair of plastic wings.” I read later that these glasses are not really suitable for moving around in them, because they make you feel off-balance.


So after trying these pinhole glasses out, here’s the breakdown:


  • They are lightweight
  • A pinhole is a good idea, in theory
  • They don’t use concave lenses for correcting vision (I have concave on my regular glasses, and over the years this has made my vision worse)
  • Free shipping


  • They don’t noticeably improve my vision
  • They didn’t improve anyone else’s vision in the house (two out of six people do not wear glasses in the house)
  • You can’t move around with them on (driving, walking, etc)
  • The frames are flimsy and old-fashioned (thick, clear plastic)
  • They are pricey ($15)

Now, I will add that on the website, these glasses say they will actually improve your vision if you wear them consistently. I haven’t tried that yet. These things may help strengthen the eyes so, over time, you can see better. I couldn’t use them this way, because I would not be able to do anything else while wearing these things without my regular glasses. But there is that possibility for some folks that wearing these things while, say, watching TV or reading a book, may help your vision over time. Maybe I can get one of the kids to wear the pinhole glasses consistently, just to see if this is true. If I do this, I’ll be sure to write another post about it.

So would I go out of my way to buy these? I might the first time, just to see if they worked. My vision is so bad that I’ll really try anything for improvement. The thought behind the pinhole is very compelling. To be honest, when I’d read about them on the Internet, I thought they would have ONE pinhole per lens, not “like a fly,” as Beetle Bailey put it. Would I recommend that you purchase these pinhole glasses? No, not unless you have some kids who like flukey thing like this, or you are really into experimentation. My kids love playing around with gags, so they have them now. I really liked the theory behind the pinhole glasses, and I think the company has their heart in the right place, but they didn’t work for me. 🙁 So my quest continues.

6 Responses to “The Pinhole Glasses Experiment”

  1. Metallman Says:

    Hey there. I’m trying out the same experiment. I’ll let you know how they went for me since I consider myself near blind as well. =o) Later!

  2. vulcanhammer Says:

    Those are a trip! Never seen anything like those. I’m nearsighted too but I think that I will pass on these. So, Lasik won’t work to correct your vision? That’s too bad. My brother had lasik and his vision is now 20/20.

  3. Rebecca Says:

    Hey Metallman, nice of you to drop by. That’s neat that you are trying these out, too! I’ll be by your place to check out your post, so be sure to have coffee waiting.

    VH, I have called a few places about Lasik. It won’t help. What I really need are new eyeballs, lol.

  4. Comedy Plus Says:

    This is the first time I’ve heard of these glasses. Strange. Have a great day. 🙂

  5. Jannifer Robin Says:

    Thanks for the review. I’ve been wondering about these, and I’ve pretty much decided now not to waste my money!


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