The Spirit of ’43??

August 5, 2008


Holy cow, this is an old Walt Disney movie from World War II. Talk about PROPAGANDA!!!!! The “Spirit of ’43”??? I think I like the Spirit of ’76 better!

Oooook. So either spend your paycheck on “yourself” (you EVIL factory worker, you!) and wind up supporting that nasty Hitler; or you frugally “save” your money by paying your income taxes and helping America win the war. Uh HUH.

Were people really that stupid in 1943?

Ok, so, well. We won the war! When do we stop paying income tax?

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6 Responses to “The Spirit of ’43??”

  1. Ethan Nobles Says:

    Wow. Just wow…

    But, honestly, have things really changed that much? Perhaps the notion that our money didn’t really belong to us started in WWII, but that notion still persists.

  2. The BoBo Says:

    As long as there are politicians voting themselves raises and all kinds of freebies…we ignorant taxpayers will continue to fund their excesses!

  3. torasham Says:

    can we avoid taxes away from our life..?

  4. Henson Ray Says:

    Who knew Donald Duck and friends could be so political?

  5. lala Says:

    My mom and I used to love to watch old black and white movies (they were the movies she grew up with, paid her nickle to see at the “picture shows”)

    One afternoon we were watching a movie that had Ginger Rogers in it. My mom told me it was one of many propaganda movies Hollywood released during the WWII. To the actors and actresses, it was their “contribution” to the war effort.

    So yeah, when you think about how they didn’t have T.V. and the only news they got was from either non-objective radio or newspaper journalism (which we seem to have circled back around to), the Newsreels that played at the beginning of movies and even the movies themselves…yeah, they were naive enough to buy into it.

  6. Rebecca Says:

    Interesting comments!

    The income tax was begun in the U.S. in 1913. Before then, it was unConstitutional. It still is– it is marketed to us as law, but there is no law and our paying it is supposedly on a “voluntary” basis.

    Anyway, I noticed in this 1943 video that Donald Duck pays his tax himself- before the government started to garnishee our wages. When did that happen, I wonder?