The Spyware Chronicles

March 18, 2009


I mentioned a few days ago that I am *trying* to help a friend in Virginia get rid of a nasty virus on his computer. How is it going, you ask?

TERRIBLE so far! Gah!! Those jerks who create viruses and trojans should be incarcerated for life and be forced to listen to old Flock of Seagulls music from the 80s as torture. GRR! (In case you are wondering, I think my friend has the Antivirus2009 virus. sighhhh)

So I’m doing this all on the phone, long distance. My pal does not know his way around the computer very well (which accounts for why he got a virus- he has no firewall nor anti-virus). So it’s been very difficult helping him through this, the poor guy. The stupid virus won’t even allow him to update anything, go on the Internet to download a virus-killer, nothing. So he has to buy a spyware-killer/anti-virus at the store. But the price tags on those things are breath-stopping. They want HOW MUCH for a CD program?! $50, $80?! He can’t afford that.

Wait until I tell him what I found today at Webroot SpySweeper and Anti-virus 3!! It’s on sale for…. are you ready?…. for…. oh my gosh this is so timely…. $14. Yes, $14! Can you believe it?! is my new favorite store. They have a Weekly Sale page that I check out every week. There is something about the word “sale” that makes me quiver with delight. The deals are very, very good, and offers free shipping for a lot of the products. Believe me, the place is a Frugal Hacks DREAM. I’ve also found that it is a good idea, once you find what you want at the price you want, to order as soon as possible, Things get sold out sometimes. I regret hesitating on a very cool headset/microphone set that selling for a phenomenal price. A few days later, it was gone.

Anyway, I’m REALLY hoping this virus-killing escapade is over soon. It’s kind of taking over my life at this point. I, like, have children to raise? People to feed? Ya know? Mr. Virus Inventor, I hope they catch you…

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