They’re Bringing It Back!

July 31, 2009


This post was sponsored by Kmart. All the opinions are MINE. As usual. So read at your own risk, heh heh!

Hey! Remember how I was wistfully looking back to those wonderful days of nostalgia, waaay back when afros and bell bottoms were king, and the Kmart Bluelight special was alive and well? (Well, it wasn’t really THAT long ago). Kmart must have heard me! They are bring back their Kmart Bluelight Specials again! Last weekend (July 25th) was a big one– and another is slated for August 1st, Saturday– that’s tomorrow! I’m hoping that I’ll have a chance to get the family car (we have one car) and scoot up to my local Kmart to nab some deals. I am especially in need of trousers for the kids, and housewares stuff. And I still haven’t gotten any nice patio furniture yet. I’m hoping one of these goes up to the Bluelight this weekend!

I’ve always loved the Kmart Bluelight Specials. There’s just something GOOD about hearing the “Attention, Kmart Shoppers!” across the PA system, dropping whatever I am doing, grabbing my shopping cart, whisking it around, and frantically bolting for the pulsating bluelight lamp stand. Gee, just think- Kmart is probably the only place where you can get deals AND get terrific cardiovascular exercise at the same time! And I hear that Kmart plans on having 40+ Bluelight specials tomorrow. Nice!

The Kmart Bluelight Specials is ONLY for this weekend– August 1st! So don’t miss it. I’m REALLY hoping they bring it back permanently, though. I have fond memories of the Bluelight blitzes of my youth. I think I still have one of the old necklaces my grandma got for me there…

Also, here’s a good tip– subscribe to the Kmart emails. I get them, and they often have printable coupons. This last week has very good coupons– $5 and $10 off purchases in-store or online. It’s free to get the emails, and you never know when you may need the coupons. You can also follow Kmart at Twitter at @kmartdealsnnews for more news and updates.
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