This is Totally Cool– But Does It Really Work?!

September 27, 2010


I was surfing new gadgets online at’s weekly sale page. Apparently, this week is Microsoft Hardware Sale week. I like Microsoft mouses (I wear out mouses rather quickly, because I work online all day; Microsoft mouses are the only mouses that withstand my grueling schedule). I saw this new totally COOL mouse gadget. What a weird gadget! What do you think of this?!

It’s called the Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse. It lies flat for super portability; you snap it and it becomes and arc. There is no scroll, either– a sensor detects finger movements. has a video interview with the guy who developed the Arc Touch Mouse, Yung Kim, an industrial designer at Microsoft. He describes the development of the mouse, and some of the various technology for it (I love the idea of the non-scroll scroll button!). It’s very curious.

I wonder if it would be comfortable?! It’s designed for portability, so the thing snaps flat and is able to be tucked away. Usually, products designed for portability sacrifice some comfort and function… but this seems to be different.

Well, the mouse is selling for about $70 right now. That’s a typical price for the higher-end computer accessories, but it’s too much for me right now. I’m going to keep my eyes on to see if the price lowers. Microsoft products are pricey, much more expensive than other products- although, I don’t see why. Bill Gates could give everyone free mouses and Windows OS disks and STILL have dump truck loads of money afterwards!

Anyway.. what do you think? If the mouse was not so pricey, would you consider getting it? I probably would, just to say I had tried it. lol. Who knows, it might be very functional and comfortable! But it SURE is WEIRD.

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