This Is What Happens When…

July 25, 2008


… you stay up all night and watch info-mercials…

Heh heh! I actually didn’t find this on TV. I don’t have TV! I saw this months and months ago on the Internet. My sons’ recent obsession with Star Wars Legos made me remember it. This is just TOO funny!!!

Jedi Ginsu Knife Commercial – The most popular videos are a click away


3 Responses to “This Is What Happens When…”

  1. Grant Says:

    I need to get one of those… That would be awesome!

  2. Mo Says:

    LOL that the red is only available to Sith Chefs.
    I would totally get one of these!

  3. heidi Says:

    I have never seen that! I love it! After I first had my daughter I would stay up feeding her in the middle of the night and ordered so many ridiculous things from infomercials. Maybe it was the hormones.