This Just Might Work!

February 12, 2014


Ever since I quit full-time blogging, I’ve slowly disengaged myself from the computer screen. The transition became complete when I got my smartphone and tablet. Thanks to apps, I really don’t need to sit in front of the computer anymore. I can read news, listen to audiobooks, check the weather and email and social networks, shop, pay and get paid, and research topics.

And I can blog!

One of the reasons for my lengthy absences from blogging is because I don’t like sitting at the computer anymore. So this is a wonderful development.

The caveat is limited functionality. I haven’t yet figured out how to incorporate certain extras, such as the cute animated emoticons I utilize on this blog, and the ability to quickly create, upload, and add images. That may be more difficult.

But I’m really liking the ability to blog on the go. Mobile tech rocks.

Are you still harnessed to your computer? Do you think you’d like mobile blogging?

One Response to “This Just Might Work!”

  1. Secondary Rds Says:

    No smart phones here–we decided the cost was more than we were willing to pay. We did get a couple of Nooks and that has helped reduce time spent here at the computer. I could do much more with the Nook, but I tend not to use technology that way.