Thoughts Too Short For a Blog Post #4

January 11, 2011


My pal, Carole, started this great idea of Thoughts Too Short For a Blog Post. I like the idea so much that I decided to steal it join her in this terrific idea. Actually, she just published a new one, so go read her post! She’s a great narrative blog writer, she makes you feel she is talking directly to you.

Last week was definitely a “scattered” kind of week. It seemed like I had a million things to do, and couldn’t devote much time on any one thing. Now, the entire week is a blur and I can’t even remember what I did. Ever have weeks like that?

Over the weekend, I had a weird incident with a 1-inch long shard of raw kale getting caught in my tonsil. I didn’t know what it was at first; at first I thought it was a small flax seed and a few swigs of water would wash it down. Nope. After gagging and wretching for over an hour, I finally decided to take a look inside, using a flashlight and half a clothesline pin as a tongue depressant. I caught a glimpse of something, which I initially thought was a “tonsil stone.” (these are basically small calcifications that come from the tonsils. My mom had such problems with her tonsils that she had them removed. I may have mine removed someday, because my tonsils swell so easily and drive me bananas sometimes!).

I'll never look at rabbit food the same again....

Anyway, I basically reached into the back of my mouth and tried to yank it out. I was shocked to see a small piece of green kale. That thing was lodged into my throat so well that the kale would only come out in pieces as I yanked. I will spare you the gory details, but I eventually forced it out. OH THE RELIEF. I was eating raw kale everyday before then, but now I think I may have some kind of phobia, because I haven’t TOUCHED it since. By the way, I had de-stemmed the kale before eating it, too. It was just one of those freaky kale things, I guess.

Now that you’ve lost your appetite…

Did you know that dark chocolate has more antioxidants than tea and wine? I have been reading this health book with the kids, and am finding out all sorts of interesting things. I’m not a big chocolate eater. I like it from time to time, but I’m not an obsessive chocolate eater. Still, it’s great to know that when I DO want to eat it, I now have a terrific excuse. :mrgreen:

I’m pretty happy about my employment these days. I’ve had an abundance of work, both with the blogs and the freelance writing. I also have an opportunity to *perhaps* work as a webmaster for a local business, too. That would be SO COOL. I know a little about PHP and WordPress, some Drupal, too. I wish I was as talented as some of those designers at the SF Web Development Agency, for example. I’m really, really small time. I have perused tutorials and hacks at websites like Smashing Magazine (if you have never seen that website, you must!! Totally cool!), but I have a lot to learn. I know nothing about html, really.

Code is poetry, like another language.

Well, maybe I know a little from working with Blogger, lol! How I wish I could tinker with code and stats like the geeks at SF web product design agency… but anyway, this gig is a small gig (it’s a small business, not a Forbes monster). The guy is great and I know he’ll be happy if I just put my best into the project (which I will). And here’s hoping I learn a lot along the way. And make a ton of loot, too. :mrgreen:

I’m glad the son is learning Garage Bad on the MacMini. Almost makes buying the thing worth it. He likes making music (well, ALL the kids do, it’s pretty amazing)– more accurately, he likes mixing music. And the nice thing is that when I need some music for a video, he can provide it. That way, I won’t have to use someone else’s music and worry about copyright problems. Nice one.

Until next time!

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