Time To Fight Back the Telemarketing and Scamming Calls!

April 10, 2012

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Well I just spent about 40 minutes combing through my son’s cell phone, checking the received phone numbers and doing a little research online. Even though his number is on the Do Not Call list, he received a whopping 32 telemarketing calls for the month of March! THIRTY-TWO! That’s just… insane. Wow. What a hassle, too– this doesn’t count all the soliciting and marketing calls the other kids get on their phones. I don’t know about you, but I can tolerate it on my phone, but when these jerks start attacking my KIDS, look out, Mom’s on the rampage. :rollpin:

I’ve done a little searching around and I have found a true gem of a website!!! I love this site!!! It’s WhyCall.Me. It’s a website where we can search the phone numbers of the calls we get, to see if these numbers are telemarketers or from real companies. I found out that one person who keeps calling me was not a telemarketer– they were from the medical office needing to make an appointment. At the WhyCall.Me website, we have a voice. We can search for numbers, leave a comment to help others know if the call is a fraud, and more. It’s a very good resource to bookmark.

WhyCall.Me also has some great resources to help you combat unwanted calls. Some of them are pretty humorous. I love the Top 14 Ways to Annoy a Telemarketer (only 14, huh? lol). I especially like #7 and #9. :grinny:

There’s also information on current known scams, how to file complaints with the governing authorities, how to deal with harassing calls and SMS spam (a VERY good article), how to report phone numbers and how to get “reverse phone number” information. I am now the “official” spam and telemarketing expert in the family, believe me! I highly recommend this site.

It’s time to FIGHT BACK against the onslaught of unwanted calls and texts. I have had enough!!!! How about you?

3 Responses to “Time To Fight Back the Telemarketing and Scamming Calls!”

  1. Rena Says:

    Wow that is crazy! I hardly get any telemarketing calls on my cell phone thankfully. I wonder how in the world they got their numbers?

    Thanks for the tip on the site to look up the numbers!

  2. lin Says:

    OMG–I get a TON of these on both my cell AND my house phone! It’s so bad that we are considering getting rid of the house phone completely because I’m paying so much for caller i.d. to avoid these calls. It’s insane! What happened to the do not call list??? I update regularly and I swear it just increases the calls we get. arrrrgggghhhh!

  3. Susi Says:

    Thanks for this. I’m amazed by how many telemarketing calls and texts I get on my cell. It was bad enough on my home phone but now the cell??? I get so annoyed.