Tiresome Day

July 28, 2008


Have you ever been in so much pain that you felt like you were going to throw up? Yeah? I feel for ya. I really, really do. šŸ™


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5 Responses to “Tiresome Day”

  1. Karen Says:

    Hugs for you.

  2. Atniz Says:

    Rest rest rest. Relax and just sleep. Maybe, that will make u better.

  3. sasha Says:

    I was feeling like that yesterday and I needed to go pay for my brother’s tuition fees. I was crying while waiting for the pain to subside so I can go out.

    Just rest my dear. Take care šŸ™‚

  4. Ana Says:

    Hope you’ll feel better soon! Just take a really long and relaxing nap! Take care!

  5. Rebecca Says:

    I am touched by your lovingkindness and words of comfort. Thank you so much. šŸ™‚