To All of You Who Have AutoPlay Music on Your Blogs…

October 1, 2009


:cuss: Dadgum, I forgot to turn my speakers down again! The kids nearly jumped outta their skins.



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8 Responses to “To All of You Who Have AutoPlay Music on Your Blogs…”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Ha! That’s funny! Poor guy. I used to work with someone who played a bagpipe CD at work. We shared a very small space. I wanted to kill him.

  2. Lisa Says:

    Look, auto music on a website is very 90s. Get over it. When I hear music on a site, I click away.

  3. Angrywhiteman Says:


    One of my pet peeves, I’m hearing impaired and when these players fire up in my quiet world it is disconcerting at best. Comical at times what I go through trying to find the source of the noise. My first few experiences left me wondering what in the world was going on. :wazzat: I finally got it figured out.

    I would prefer the choice of listening to a sites content, rather than have them just invite themselves in unannounced.

    Nice video.

    • Rebecca Says:

      Kathy– haha! Bagpipes while you worked, eh? You sure he wasn’t trying to kill you?? Yow.

      Lisa– Exactly! Early 90s! And that was before I even got online! So YEAH! I do click away, too. But that split second between the page loading and the clicking-away… OW.

      Brad– šŸ˜€ Me too. Thanks!

  4. ann Says:

    I didn’t have time to watch this yesterday, too funny. I always forget to turn my speakers down which isn’t a good thing when I’m doing my drops early in the morning and DH is still asleep in the next room. GRRRRR I hate that.

  5. WoodWorker Says:

    Thank You for a smile on my face , fun video.
    I turn my speakers of when I am surfing .

  6. Prisqua Says:

    I always have 100s of tabs open in 3 different browsers and all of a sudden I will hear an awful music out of nowhere and here I am cursing away about the website with music on in one of my tabs…. lol