Totally Cool – Instrument Rentals!

July 12, 2011


I love love love homeschooling. But one of the disadvantages is that my kids don’t benefit from all the perks that public school students do (even though I pay for them through my property taxes). Stuff like using the school swimming pools, playing on the school astroturf, and getting inexpensive instruments to use as they learn their music. All this stuff comes right through my pockets– TWICE– once for everyone else’s kids and once for mine. It sucks eggs, I tell ya, it’s an unfair system. Music is important to us– my husband is a musician– so we have tried to provide musical instruction for the kids. But it ain’t easy.

But I have just found THE coolest website!!! It’s an online instrument rental site!!! Can you believe it?! They will ship their instruments directly to my door. All instruments are fully inspected before shipping to make sure the instrument is in tip-top shape. My son has been desperate to play the violin, but I have resisted because a new violin is very expensive (and what if he decides he doesn’t like it?). But with an online rental system, we can try anything we want. All instruments come supplied with a carrying/storage case and mouthpiece. Delivery is free via UPS.

The company that runs the rental business is RMI ( based in Kansas City, Missouri. The monthly rental prices are very, very affordable. I am extremely pleased. A nice violin is $32 a month. That’s low enough to try it out for a month or two before deciding if we should purchase a violin for the budding musician. has a guaranteed no obligation return option and pre-paid maintenance and repairs are included in the rental price.

Homeschoolers, if you’ve been looking for an affordable way to help your kids get an instrument, here it is. Check the site for more details.

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