Travel Feedback +

January 29, 2009


Well here’s an interesting site, Travel It’s another one of those social network websites, where you can add and read feedback from users. This really looks kind of cool, and would make a great resource for the global traveler (or, even a domestic one, like me). I did a quick search on “pizza” in “Syracuse, NY” and got a variety of results– did you know that Thailand has pizza parlors?! LOL! Travel Feedback is geared toward travelers, bt it could be used for finding things like restaurants, businesses, attarctions near one’s residence, and more. Of course, it’s all social, so the more people joining and contributing, the better. It’s easy to add friends (I was given the opportunity right after registering). Get people involved so as to add more places and ratings.

Results show several colorful boxes with photos, links, ratings, and a basic idea of cost. For example, that Thailand pizzeria has a rating of 6 out of 6! And it’s located on Koh Samui street on the waterfront. So, next time I’m in Thailand and I’ve got hankering for pizza, off I go! Hee hee! There are loads of other information there, too, not just Thailand pizza. It’s a fun site to peruse. If you like feedback sites and love to share your travel experiences, especially pertaining to entertainment and travel, this is right up your alley. And you could be helping other people find the perfect places, too. Neat site!



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