True Life vs. … truTV??

August 19, 2009

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First there was the insipid Leave It to Beaver. Then Walter Cronkite. Then, Cosmos (gag). Then… game shows, soap operas, and the “miniseries.” As if TV could not hit any lower and couldn’t suck us away from true life any more, along came Jerry Springer and then “reality” TV. I thought that was rock, rock bottom. But it’s not. Because guess what’s on now?? “Actuality TV”! Yes! As if things weren’t weird enough! There’s this show called truTV, and it’s giving off what’s being called the truTV effect: “Because when the stories are real, the effect is actual.” It’s a television program where weird, bad, and amazing things REALLY happen. Now, I’ve seen some pretty cool videos about amazing things happening– supernatural things like healing and protection from catastrophe.. but most of the stuff today seems totally centered on the, uh, “baser” characteristics of human nature. So watching a few of the truTV video shows gave me, you could say, an ACTUAL reaction. :bangwall:

Effects may vary when you watch TV, if you do. You may experience one of the following:

  • 1. Extreme stupor. (most likely)
  • 2. Extreme disgust.
  • 3. Extreme rage.
  • 4. Extreme drool, desperate to see more.
  • 5. Extreme hollering, as portrayed in this video.

I experience a mixture of #2 and #3 and #5, mostly targeted at those who experience #1 and #4. How about you? Now– WARNING– the TV shows are NOT suitable for kids, nervous people, and people who get boiling raging mad at the stuff that clutters our airwaves digital information lines. Personally, I cannot watch TV anymore, I get too upset. I start yelling at the thing, ranting until my blood pressure (normally low) raises the roof.

That’s my “actual effect” when watching TV. :rage: What’s yours?



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