Tuesday Stuff

August 2, 2011


What a whirlwind of weeks. Just TOO MUCH to do lately, and it’s been so hot that I haven’t felt like doing anything. Today, the humidity is back down to “people level” (as opposed to “fish level” where we’re literally swimming through the atmosphere) and the temperature is down to 85 degrees (wahoo, yippee). I am only dropping by the blog so ya’all don’t think I dropped off the earth or drowned in the dewpoint… cat


I’ve been spending my weekends fixing a flat roof with some friends. I got burned to a crisp over the weekend– me! I’ve always been a little brown and rarely burn, but the desk job for the past few years has made me lily white, I guess. My arms are quite crispy and sleep is uncomfortable. I heard that diluted vinegar on a sunburn hepls the healing, so I tried it this morning to see if it works. The good: the vinegar does soften the skin and my arms feel a LITTLE better. The bad: I smell like a salad.


Hey, is anyone else tired of all the social networking buttons we bloggers have to put on our blogs? This is just one of the plugins I use for my tech blog. I have social networking buttons coming out of my eyeballs.

Delicious, StumbleUpon, Redit, Facebook, Twitter, GoogleBookmarks, Blogger, email, Evernote, Digg, Buzzster, Bebo, MySpace, RSS…. and now, there’s Google+ and Pinterest. I am social-network-buttoned out, peeps. Overload, tilt!


A couple of months ago, I took the time to figure out how to install a forum website on a separate directory for a domain name. I’m pretty pleased I did it. Of course, I have no time to run a forum, but it’s still neat that I learned how to do it. If you are interested, see my tutorial. I thought it was cool that I didn’t need to purchase an entirely new domain for the forum site, I just make a folder called “forum” on my TheOlderGeek.com directory and installed the forum software in that. Pretty neat!


I haven’t had much time for blogging because I am exhausted after the busy weekends, and I spend the weekdays working, writing articles. Writing articles is hard work sometimes, ya know that? Blogging is easy, it’s stream of consciousness kind of stuff. But formal writing takes a lot out of me sometimes. I only wish calories were burned for all the brain power ya have to use.


I can’t believe it’s August already! This has got to be one of the shortest summers EVER for me. I’m glad because it means the cool temperatures of autumn are on the way, but sad because it means our vacation time for things like camping and such is quickly running out. I have to hurry up and make some plans!


Finally, I’ll leave you with a little tip: don’t ever eat a bowl of cereal over your computer keyboard. And we all thought soda was bad….

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3 Responses to “Tuesday Stuff”

  1. Karen and Gerard Says:

    Fortunately I don’t bother with most of the social networking sites. I didn’t realize there were THAT

  2. Karen and Gerard Says:

    many though. I try not to eat anything over my computer keyboard. I hate, hate, hate the cold and ice and snow so am not going to complain about how hot it is. I love summer! Love going out without a coat!

    (Don’t know how the first part of this comment got published so soon before I was done. Think my finger slipped somehow and boom, there it was!)

  3. Secondary Roads Says:

    It sure does feel good. We had 0.7 inches of rain overnight and this morning is delightfully cool here in west Michigan.