Tuesday Tidbits: Just Thinkin’

August 9, 2011

Dear Diary

Oh, I’ve been lazy online these days. I took all of Friday off to spend some quiet time in the Bible and prayer. And I work weekends participating in a church building project. And everyone was so tired Monday (the humidity has been AWFUL and it just wrung us out) that we took Monday off and lounged around, too. All we did was load the dishwasher and do a load of laundry. I didn’t even cook- I ordered Chinese vegetables. It was a wonderfully lazy day. I did feel a little twinge of guilt for not posting anything… I visited all your blogs but was too lazy to leave comments. :mrgreen: But I’m back in business (relatively speaking) for now.


Cats are amazing. What other mammals come in orange stripes?! I can’t think of any besides the tiger, their distant cousin. I think it’s so cool that a kitty can look like a creamsicle or a fudgsicle. :shades:


Why do weathermen call rainstorms “showers”? I’ve always been fascinated by the weather, even as a kid. I don’t ever remember anyone calling precipitation “showers.” It was always “rain” or “snow” not “rain showers” or “snow showers.” Maybe I’m being cantankerous, but when rain is falling by the bucketfuls at 2 inches per hour, I don’t think that qualifies as “showers.” šŸ˜•


There have been a tremendous number of violent crimes in my area this summer. Most of them are boyfriend-beats-girlfriend or boyfriend-beats-or-molests-girlfriend’s-kids. šŸ™ My local news has a new story about some “domestic crime” just about every day, and on some days there are multiple crimes. Being a stepchild with multiple parents gave me a lot of perspective about the family unit. It is unfortunate that marriage is scoffed like it is in our society. Marriage does something to a couple that “cohabitation” can never accomplish- it makes both parties accountable to each other and the family; it’s a serious connection that shouldn’t be discarded for anything but serious things. Sure, marriage has its own difficulties, but God set it up for a good reason. I just hate to hear about the little kids getting entangled in their mom’s “multiple boyfriend” syndrome. I grew up amongst that kind of mess and it’s awfully tough on kids.


The song “Lord of Lords” by Hillsong has been running through my head for days now. Thank God it’s a terrific song. I’d go bananas if it was, for example, the theme song from Gilligan’s Island or the Flintstones running through my head. :-p

Here’s “Lord of Lords,” if you want to hear it.


Well, I’m off to write some articles (having taken a mini-vacation since Friday), do the laundry, go grocery shopping, and bamboozle the kids to clean the house! Have a good week. :bop:

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