Typo Tuesday

March 31, 2009



Ever have one of those days?! One of those days where you have a ton of things to do, where you need your energy level to be humming, your desk to be cleaned, your fingers to be typing just right?

It’s not working for me today. I feel like I’m in the Twilight Zone or something.

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Example: I started my day intending to blog a few *important* posts (not the typical la-la stuff I write about). But my fingers just don’t want to work today. I posted an article about the Confickr worm at my Mrs. Mecomber’s Scrapbook blog, proof-read it very quickly and hit “Publish.” As usual, I usually check out the finsijed project on my blog before depatring to another work. I was flabbergasted at all the typos! I had to revidse the durn post about 12 times! And I was frantic, because the post, once published, is sent to the RSS feeder. I left a few sentences unfinished, just hanging there (what was I thinking/!0), some links incomkete, and I had a TON of typos. A TON.

(By the way, the post at Mrs. Mecomber’s Scrapbook is about the Conficker worm. You might like to check it out).

Maybe its the cold weather. It’s cold in the house today (gloomy outside, too), and my hands don’t work well when tired. But that “Backspace” key on my keyboatd is getting quite a workout today! Except for this post. I am intentionally refraining from fixing my typos here. I want to see how bad it is when I don;t use the Backspace key.

Hm, looks pretty bad.

ANYWAY. It’s just one of those days.

Well, I’d better go. I knew I put the gloves around here somewhare… need more coffee, too….




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2 Responses to “Typo Tuesday”

  1. MadMadMargo Says:

    Love the zombie kitties, I actually lol’ed.

  2. Carl Says:

    Everyday of mine is like that. Why can’t “I dream of Jeanie” and have her take care of everything?