Unconscious Mutterings

May 31, 2009


Um, well, I don’t know if these are quite “unconscious,” as I am quite awake and alert… “mutterings” may be OK except that I am not speaking, I’m typing. This is something akin to a verbal Rorschach, I suppose….. (no, I’m not ALWAYS a spoil-sport, just tonight I am, lol!).

But in the ATTEMPT to do this Meme, I saw it at Coming Back to Life and thought it would be fun! Why wait for meme-party invitations when you can just jump right in, eh? Try it if you want and pass it along!

Type the first thing you think of when you read the word. Here’s goes…

  1. Nursery :: Screaming (honestly, that’s the first thing I thought of!)
  2. Side effect :: Avoid
  3. Heart to heart :: Necklace (you know, those necklaces you share with your friend– you have one half, friend has the other)
  4. Try :: OK
  5. Hog :: Pink
  6. Symptom :: [uhhhhh… drawing a complete blank here…]
  7. Collide :: Cars. *sob*
  8. Fury :: Zephyr
  9. Incorporated :: Business
  10. Summer :: Hot

Hmm, how’d I do? Not so hot, I think. Some were tough… Well. So. OK, so now that I have wasted 10 minutes of everyone’s time…. GET BACK TO WORK. šŸ˜‰


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