Vacation Preferences

May 7, 2011


Oh, Lord willing, the plans we have this summer. It’s been a CAH-RAZY couple of years! We’ve renovated the living room, kitchen, dining room, experienced a dozen destructive floods, have been working our tails off the pay the debts…. I have promised the kids that any renovation projects will be small this year and that we will have plenty of free time to see some sights, maybe even get a nice home away from home. We hope to *finally* go camping this year, and hike the Adirondacks, and see some new museums and historic sites (Saratoga’s Freeman’s Farm is on the list!). And we’ll be staying overnight here and there.

Currently, all our trips have focused on staying here in New York. That’s just because it was so difficult with four little kids to stay anywhere for extended periods of time. Hotels are rather…. unclean… and they are SO expensive for large families. The husband and I have stayed a few stellar bed & breakfasts, and were so spoiled that I can’t see us ever returning to the impersonal dirtiness of a hotel. When we finally decide to travel out of state and (Lord willing) out of the country (oh, how I want to see Europe and the Mediterranean!), we’ll be staying in rental homes. Rental homes are MUCH cleaner than hotels and definitely more personable. They tend to be a little more difficult to find, unfortunately. I mean, you don’t exactly see rental homes advertised in travel brochures. No, you see all the Big Box, pricey hotels! No thanks.

Catalpa Rm 1

Rentals and B&Bs are SO relaxing and cozy.


But I have some resources online where I can turn to for rental home listings. Listings are from all around the world– holiday rentals in Spain to Ohio. Some are extremely luxurious ($600 a night?!) while others are much more reasonable ($60 a night, that’s better). And the nice thing about rentals is that you can rent them for a week or a month, and it’s OK! At a hotel, they want you OUT.

More and more, I am turning to rental homes for extended holidays. They are homier, because they are REAL homes, and they are usually less expensive or the same cost as the ritzy hotels.

What do you think? Do you think rental homes are a better deal and better experience than the hotels? In Europe, rental homes and hostels are very popular. They are friendlier and much more accommodating than hotels. I think Europe does it right. 😉 Can’t wait to see it for myself someday.

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One Response to “Vacation Preferences”

  1. Nicole Abdou Says:

    I agree – go for the homes and B&Bs. I travel for my job, often, and I find that during the week a B&B can be super cheap. (Most people do weekend trips – so you get better rates.)

    If I am traveling with a few more people, condos/rentals home are certainly cheaper than a hotel.

    I have been to the Mediterranean and it is every thing you hope it will be. 😉 I hope you have a fantastic summer! For me – staycation unfortunately. No rest for the weary.