Veggie Tales Drives Me Nuts

February 6, 2012


Any of you parents suffer through Veggie Tales? They were a big hit with my kids when they were little. I thought Veggie Tales was *OK* but sometimes it was REEELLY annoying. Like Larry’s “silly songs.” Those songs drove me out of the living room every time. :bangwall: If I even caught a whisper of the melody, I was DOOMED the rest of the day, as I would hear in my brain Larry’s squeaky voice singing that stupid song. I am still haunted by Mr. Lunt’s “You Are My Cheesburger” and Larry’s inane “Barbara Manatee.”

GAH!!!! :run:

Here– I found a video of “You Are My Cheeseburger.” Listen to this and you’ll know what I mean!

*snort* Now that I have totally ruined your day……

So, this morning, the kids were “reminiscing” about a particularly funny moment in the Veggie Tales movie Jonah. In the movie, there’s a caterpillar who hails from the land of Arabs (I think so, anyway…. maybe he’s Indian?) and he talks with an Arabic lilt. His name was Kahlil. Kahlil the Caterpillar. In a “Veggie Tales” movie. Uh huh. Well, anyway, they were remembering one particular scene where Kahlil is reciting his “self-help” audio cassettes (I told you Veggie Tales is weird), and my daughter repeated the caterpillar’s voice perfectly.

The kids pealed with laughter, and said, “Remember that part, Mom?” They all stopped laughing and looked at me when I said I didn’t see Jonah.

“Yes, you did!” they objected.

“No, I only saw a few scenes when I was passing through the room, I never saw the entire movie. And I have no intention of seeing it, either.”

They stared at me, aghast at this new revelation. Since they are all older now, I figured it was best they knew the truth:

“Kids, I never liked the Veggies Tales movies! I only tolerated them because you guys liked them.”

Which led to a new conversation about vegetables and movies and Arab accents. My son, the witty kid that he is, interjected:

“Well, if Veggie Tales ever decides to make another Arabic vegetable character, I know what they should name him!”

“What?” we all replied with baited breath.

“Barach Ali!”


…wait for it….


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9 Responses to “Veggie Tales Drives Me Nuts”

  1. Kristel Says:

    So you feel my pain, eh? Only my kids are still eager viewers of these shows. And my dearest will pick up a silly songs tune and modify the lyrics to suit his fancy. There is no end in sight…

    • Rebecca Says:

      My dear Kristel, the only consolation I have to offer you is that when your kids are 20 years old or so they will *finally* grow tired of Veggie Tales. So how long will that be for you… 16 more years? Your husband sounds hopeless, though, ROFL.

  2. Carole Says:

    I can’t believe you don’t like Veggietales!!!!!!! The Cheeseburger song is CLASSIC! I’m 41 and I still LOVE Veggietales! In fact I’ve even watched some of the newer ones I’d never seen on Netflix! VEGGIETALES ROOOOOCK! šŸ˜€

  3. Lin Says:

    My favorite is the Belly Button song. I dunno, I still find the veggies funny.

  4. sharkbytes Says:

    Awww. I like Veggie-Tales (but I didn’t have to listen to them endlessly)

    • Rebecca Says:

      Wow! I had no idea so many of you love Veggie Tales. It figures that I have some of the most whimsical, funny friends on the Net. šŸ˜‰

      I will say that I really liked Dave and the Giant Pickle and The Fib From Outer Space. But after those, VT just rubbed my fur the wrong way. LOL

  5. Bev@My Reader's Block Says:

    Now, see, I really liked Veggie Tales. In fact, my son (who was a pre-teen at the time) and I went to see Jonah when it came out in theaters. It was us and a bunch of parents with their preschoolers. We had a great time. I love Josh and the Big Wall (those French peas are wonderful)….

  6. Rena Says:

    I love Veggie Tales but have not seen a lot of them so I am sure there are some that are annoying. I guess I like them because its stupid silly humor that refreshes your brain after a hard day. Something that requires very little active brain cells to watch and doesn’t take a lot out of you lol. Its like your brain on vacation when watching them.

    I love the Barach Ali idea, very creative!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Mel @ Trailing After God Says:

    Hahaha! I love the Veggie Tales šŸ™‚ :starry I know, there is probably something wrong with me. My mom loves them too! :run: We own all of them but I haven’t seen any in a long time.