Very Cool Toys

January 5, 2009


The boys got a bunch of gift cards for the holidays and they were burning holes in their pockets, lol. (The cards, not the boys, LOL!). Soooo they dragged me out to the local toy store. Holy cow, things have changed! I’m used to buying stuff online– this walking through a stocked-to-the-brim-with-loud-and-colorful-toys was quite the experience for this old lady, I’ll tell ya. Kind of like a “Willy Wonka” experience, I guess, lol!

So we walked through every. single. aisle. Star Wars and Legos are big, but the best thing I saw was the coolest magnet toy– MagNext, it’s called. Ever hear of it? My youngest son says it’s very hot right now. They are so neat. I got rather carried away myself. (I should have been a little quieter with my WOW! COOL! WHAT A COOL TOY!). No wonder the other parents were glaring at me.

Aw, come ON! Look at this toy! You tell me that YOU wouldn’t freak out over this toy??

I thought it was very, very cool. And they even have MagNext in PINK, for GIRLS! Cool, wow, cool!

Well, MagNext is marketed by Mega Brands, Inc., and is one of the safest toys made (they are designed especially to prevent small children from swallowing the pieces, and the magnets are molded into the plastic pieces). They are also the COOLEST and most popular toys made of ,

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