Very Versatile Gifts

January 28, 2009


Need some gift ideas for a baby shower, anniversary, birthday, or Valentine’s Day? I’ve got an idea for ya: Ceiva digital photo frames. They are really neat! They work differently than “conventional” digital photo frames. There’s no plugging the Ceiva into your computer- you plugit directly into the phone jack. The Ceiva itself works as a receiver of photos from people you’ve connected with, and it does this instantly! I think it’s really amazing how quickly and easily photos can be shared. Ceiva digital photo frame enables you to receive photos from friends and family anywhere in the world! And the nice thing is– there’s a deal right now. The Ceiva digital photo frame is selling for $29.99 right now if you go with their one year PicturePlan subscription for $100. And there’s free ground shipping until February 13th.

This is perfect for grandmas and grandpas– no messing with the computer, computer software, etc etc. The Ceiva works directly through the phone line, or with wireless if you choose. And the Ceiva digital photo frame is very nice, with an 8″ HD screen; it looks elegant. Check it out if you’re needing some gift ideas, especially if you’re tired of the necktie, box of chocolates, bouquet of flowers kind of thing. I like giving unique gifts and this fits the bill!


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