Watch Me!

April 30, 2008


OH. MY. GOSH. I was just browsing watches at a website ( and my jaw droppped open when my eyes saw this honking baby.

THAT, ladies and gents, is a real watch! Isn’t that the most gorgeous hunk of timepiece you’ve ever seen?! When I am rich, I’m going to get me one of those pretty pink luxury watches. My eyes are stinging just from looking at so much. has more that gold-plated, diamond-studded watches. They have watches for the average folks, too! I’ve tried paying for those WalMart cheapos, and all I can say is… you get what you pay for. :-p Needless to say, those cheapo watches are being repaired more than they are being worn. If you’re going to get a watch, why not spend a little more and get something reliable? Keep in mind that a beautiful watch makes a great gift, too! Watches can so fun and so stylish. TheWatchery has a really cute selection of Ebel watches– including a funky one with large numbers (love it!) and a Mickey Mouse watch! The selection is huge and very, very impressive. The discounts look great and every watch is guaranteed 100% authentic. There’s a special giveaway going on right now too– get a free watch with certain selected watches! Save money, get a timepiece, and look like a million bucks. Sounds good. <

One Response to “Watch Me!”

  1. Danity Donnaly Says:

    Cute! Love it.