Well I’m Not Bored Anymore…

December 23, 2008


I complained yesterday that I was feeling somewhat bored and not very creative. My kitten, Olivia, must have sensed my brief discontent, because she decided to make things a little exciting around here today.

Livvy Bath

She has this habit of climbing on my desk and walking in front of me while I type. She also tries to squeeze in the small space behind my flat screen LCD monitor, which I try to discourage. I’m afraid she may knock it over.

Well, she was on my desk this morning, trying to squeeze behind the monitor, when I yelped at her to get out. She backed out, and her back leg dunked into my cup of coffee sitting beside me on the desk. (It was lukewarm coffee, not hot). Annoyed, she pulled her leg out of the coffee… and before I had the chance to grab her… she gave her leg a really good and hearty SHAKE.

Coffee splattered EVERYWHERE.


On my keyboard, my mouse, my LCD monitor, my computer, my papers… I also have my cell phone, camera, and USB flash drive on my desk… all my pens and pencils, the printer behind the monitor, and some of the kids’ school notebooks. Everything is coated with great big coffee droplets and dripping coffee. It looks like it rained coffee on my desk.


So I’m not bored, NOT ANYMORE!!

Oh, and so you guys can stop sending me questions and asking for advice now… I really appreciate you guys trying to get me out of my boredom binge, LOL, but I think I am now over the hump. ROFL!!! Gotta laugh!

P.S. I’m KIDDING about the sending of questions. You can ALWAYS send me questions. I like to think that all the trials, tribulations, and errors I’ve gone through and learned from can help others who may struggle with the same things! šŸ˜€ And so here’s a free tip: never leave your coffes on your desk when you have a cat in the house. :S


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