What a Lousy Day :(

August 20, 2008

Dear Diary

Ugh, what a lousy day. Could not drop Entrecards or anything. I went to bed about 1am this morning, had to get up at 4am to take husband to work in a borrowed car. (We are down to one car, and that was in the shop until this evening. Boy, it’s great to have our own car back, as much as I appreciate our neighbor lending his. We have great neighbors!)

Anyway… after taking Hubs to work, I got home feeling lousy, but couldn’t get back to sleep. At 5am, an advertiser contacted me, wanting to use two of my blogs for guest posts– it was a great way to make some cash and I didn’t have to write anything! His writing is not my style, so the posts look out of place, but I have been so lethargic that I don’t care, lol. :-p

Anyway, I am venting…

I managed to nab a $50 opp at PayPerPost this evening, but as I did some research, I discovered the opp (which had to be “positive review”) was for a loan shark company that has been shafting people and stealing money from their bank accounts. They wanted some positive reviews to get better results for them on Google searches. What a load of garbage. I had to turn the money down. I just could not in good conscience promote such a company, even if they say they are changing their spots. The stuff I found about them was scathing. I was very sad to lose the $50, but I knew I would not be able to sleep nights if I had promoted them. Oh well! Maybe I’ll find some good honest opps about HDMI cable or something. šŸ˜€

Anyway, to you Entrecarders faithfully visiting my blog, I’ll be back in business tomorrow. For now, I’d better get to bed before I lose it! Good night! šŸ˜€


2 Responses to “What a Lousy Day :(”

  1. BK Says:

    It was great that you turned down an offer like that. Just hope others will follow suit too. Else they will be doing more harm to others then to help them.

  2. Holly Says:

    I’m also a ppp member and I would have turned that down to. Unfortunately I’m sure someone picked it up and wrote about it.