What Have You Got to Lose?

October 29, 2010


You’ve probably heard about Zenni Optical by now. They’ve been talked about everywhere– on blogs, consumer news shows, Clark Howard, etc. Zenni sells prescription eyeglasses online for dirt, dirt cheap prices. I was going to order new glasses earlier this year, but decided to wait until after the renovation (I didn’t want to ruin the news ones). Now I have to wait for the prescription thing. The eye doctor I went to just wrote “same” on my prescription chart. What a jerk. Same as what?! My ten year-old, scratched up, busted up glasses?! How am I supposed to get new ones with “same” on the chart?


I refused to buy new glasses from that office ($250 for a pair of glasses?!?!?! Every year?!?!). Not while Zenni is around. If I don’t get my prescription chart cleared up, I may as well spen $50 of my own money and get a new exam from someone else, and then go to Zenni. It would STILL be cheaper than buying new glasses from the optical department. Yow.

Zenni just dropped their prices on some of their stuff– down to $6.95 for frames! Check them out!

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