What Is This About Pet Insurance?

June 19, 2009


I saw a post about pet insurance at the blog Maria Michelle’s Furkids. One of her cats, Coco, has been ill with cancer, and I’ve been following the ordeal of her treatments with a mixture of shock and awe. Awe, that a cat could get cancer (I guess it just never occurred to me), and shock because I am stunned that a person would actually spend thousands of dollars for medical care for a cat. Not to sound mean or anything, but…. when I was growing up, and when my folks and their folks were growing up, spending good money on expensive vet bills on a pet was out of the question. Expensive medicine was for people, the animals endured. If they died, then they dies. It sounds kind of mean in our super-sensitive society, but I know that that’s how it always was for generations.

Today, with our more prosperous society, a LOT more attention goes toward our pets. I have spent well over $400 of my own hard-earned money in the past three months for vet bills for my three cats and one dog. That’s a fortune to me! If you had asked me ten years ago if I would have done that, I would have said no way. But I admit that my pets are like part of our family, and it would break the kids’ hearts to see one of them wither away from disease. We know that pets die, and animals have shorter lifespans than humans, so it’s a guarantee that our pets will not outlive us.

So recently, I’ve been hearing about pet insurance. Something like that would have been completely beyond me, years ago. I remember some character on The Drew Carey Show mention it eons ago (I think Drew Carey tried to apply his own health insurance policy for his sick dog, and he was denied the coverage for the dog. The show was about how unfair that all was, and all I could think was “How stupid, health insurance for his dog!”).

Does anyone have pet health insurance? Maria Michelle says she pays $10 a month for it. I don’t know if I would do it; are vaccinations and things like that covered? And where does one get something like this? I’m going to have to dig a little deeper about it. The health care of all our pets will soon bankrupt me if I don’t manage things a little better! Please leave a comment if you have any experiences with pet insurance, or if you have any recommendations.

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2 Responses to “What Is This About Pet Insurance?”

  1. lynda Says:

    I’m about to get it. Several friends have it, and they love it. Depending on the plan you get, it can cover vaccinations, routine or senior exams, as well as emergency situations. Simply google it (plenty of companies offer it), or contact your vet. Vet offices often have pamphlets offering pet insurance. Some vets even have pamphlets on credit services that allow you to make payments on large bills.

    I grew up in at a time when parents didn’t try to do much for a sick pet, and it seemed normal when I was young. As I grew older, I realized it doesn’t seem normal at all. I now believe that if a person can’t be bothered (even those who can’t afford it small to medium bills) to do at least something for a pet, they should let someone else own the pet, who can be bothered or afford it. Not something up for debate, I’ve thought long enough about it that I will continue to feel strongly about it. However, I don’t expect someone to spend 10K to end up living on the street either. It’s the people who treat pets as disposable, yet will spend the same amount of money on a computer upgrade they don’t need, or 10 new pairs of wanted, but unnecessary shoes, that turn me off.

  2. Daniel Davis Says:

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