What Makes a Mommy Blogger?

March 16, 2010

Family, My two bits

Am I a “mommy blogger”? I don’t know. I guess I am. I am, after all, a mom with a blog. I’ve joined various other mommy blogger groups, such as the SITS Girls, which is an incredibly warm and welcoming group. But (as is usual for me all my life) I don’t seem to *quite* fit in. That’s–what– the story of my life!

  • I dislike pink.
  • All my children are either grown or teenagers (my youngest is 13).
  • I never liked discussing all the cute projects you can do with kids, like crafts from popsicle sticks.
  • I never liked discussing child-rearing, in general. Even when my kids were small, I just wasn’t interested in chatting about deals on diapers, the best baby foods, how to get kids to eat veggies, etc. It’s great that others found those discussions valuable– I preferred to talk about the latest power saw at Home Depot, or Constitutional law, or the ancient Hittites.
  • I wrote a critical article about Posh Moms that garnered a flurry of attention, good and bad.

Most of all, I don’t think that being a mom defines me as a person. Did you ever notice that when men are asked to describe themselves, they usually state their career or job first, then their married status, then their parent status? However, women usually state their parent status first. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that; it’s just noticeable. But I don’t primarily define myself in that way, as a mom.

I LOVE having kids, it was first on my Things To Do List after marriage. But maybe it’s just because they are older, because I am older… motherhood does not consume me anymore. Certainly it has shaped me– spiritually, emotionally, and DEFINITELY physically! :pinch: Young children do have a way of consuming your whole being. I had three kids under the age of three years old for awhile (I have four children now), and that was…. “consuming.” Actually, “consuming” is the understatement of the decade. But I raised them back before big-time blogging (early 90s), so my passion back them was music, reading, and cross-stitching. I suppose perhaps if blogging would have been avialable back then, my blogs would be filled with all the adorable things my kids did…. with a hefty dose of Hamiltonian Federalism and a spattering of Cappadocian chariot-wheel invention developments. Ya never know.

So while I really like to be a part of the mommy blog groups (because there are no Hittite-study blogging groups yet), I feel as though I don’t quite fit in. ARE there “older” mommy bloggers? I haven’t seen any. I wonder.

8 Responses to “What Makes a Mommy Blogger?”

  1. Lin Says:

    Although I still identify myself as a “mother” first, I have never, EVER referred to myself as a “mommy”. Not ever. (did you get that?) Well, and now my kids are 15 and 18 (gasp!), and I definitely don’t consider myself a “mommy blogger”. I mean, I write about my family, but I don’t write too much about the kids.

    I’m with you as I struggle to find the club that I belong in. I’m not a “mommy blogger” and I really hate being defined as such. I left EC, so now I’m looking to find a home for me. I thought of SITS, but do I have to be a “Mommy blogger”?? Please say no.

    So, where do you and I go, pally?? Where is the “yes, I’m a mom, but I don’t write about my kids” club in the blogosphere??? Maybe it’s just you and me alone out there. Sigh.

    • Rebecca Says:

      SITS is not just for Mommy bloggers, although the place is filled with them. Karen Zemek is a member (she has no children), so having children or even young children is not a requirement. I’m not very active in it, yet. I keep trying to check all the blogs out, and then I’m hit with more work (not that I’m complaining!). But the blogosphere gives me a lot of ideas for my own blogging; I like to surf.

      I don’t know where to go, honestly. Lin, you’re so good at organizing– why don’t you create a little club! šŸ˜€ You have a huge fan base, maybe you’d be on to something big!

      But right now, yeah, I guess we’re just wanderers. Misfits. We’re moms who don’t live,breathe,eat,sleep the kids! Wow, imagine that!

      I’m glad I left EC. My blogging life instantly filled with more meaningful stuff to do, my heart rate is better now from less stress, and I trusted the Lord for traffic– which He has given me!

    • Rebecca Says:

      P.S. Let me know if you find any “yes, I’m a mom, but I don’t write about my kids” club!

  2. Karen Says:

    You know what? You’re not alone.
    I feel the same way on many of the things you mentioned and it’s funny because I describe myself on my blog as a ‘square peg in a round hole that doesn’t quite fit in’ It’s been difficult to find a group that I just boom! Fit right into, there is always something thats odd about my life. I have 4 children myself that are all under the age of 8 and I homeschool them but I can’t find within myself to create a whole blog dedicated to either not because there is anything wrong but just like you its not something that I can talk about ALL the time.

    Welcome to SITS You’ll be sure to find people that are just odd balls like you and I =)

    Much Luv,

  3. Penny Raine Says:

    A friend on a group once greeted me, “from one ole brood mare to another”. Wow, had never thought of myself quite like that, but yep here is an “older” momma blogger. He he actually even a grandmomma! My children are ages 7-21 so yeah it is a different stage than having all little ones. And the sad fact is that while there are some respectful younger moms there are also way too many who won’t give an older mom the time of day, what fools they are. How sad. We can often tell them exactly what does work šŸ™‚ .

  4. thatgirlblogs Says:

    and here I am, welcoming you to SITS šŸ˜‰

  5. Kris Says:

    I really enjoyed this post. I was just thinking today ‘should I be a mom blogger’? (I cannot say mommy blogger, sorry. Well I guess I just did. I can’t say it in relation to myself.) I am a mom of 3 kids, aged 12, 13 and 15. I just keep thinking that nobody would want to hear about my kids. I may write suggestions for applying to colleges and that kind of thing, but I can’t imagine people being interested in our day-to-day life. Am I wrong?

    I think I will check out the SITS girls and see if I fit in!
    Thanks for the post!