What To Do With the Old Klunker

October 29, 2010


Our van is expiring. I am SO SICK of minivans. This is minivan #5 now. They were OK when the kids were small and we had to have 3 or 4 car seats crammed in there. But the transmissions die every 50,000 miles or so. And the mufflers and brakes are constant maintenance. Oh, I miss the good old days of compact cardom. *sigh* I loved my little ’88 Chevy Nova….

Anyway, I have been searching for a vehicle that seats six adult people, and the minivan is our only choice. Not even those fancy-schmancy SUVs hold 6. šŸ™ Nothing yet. I am starting to prepare my psyche for the fact that we may be forced to get another minivan. :cwy: I don’t want one! I want a REAL car!!!

That blasted door freezes and sticks ALL WINTER LONG. We have to kick the door open from the inside. :S

I know I know, I’m a big baby. *sigh* :poorme: At least we can HAVE a car here. It would be really tough to have to lug the kids and all their gear around in a rickshaw!

Golly, doesn't THAT look like a blast. NOT.

My son asked the other day, “What are we going to do with the old van?”
:blink: um. I dunno.

Gee, what ARE we going to do with it? We couldn’t sell it, I don’t think anyone would buy it. Besides the transmission going and the deafening muffler problems, it has a lot of rust and a lot of battle scars from my husband’s driving– he’s a mailman and the mailboxes scrape the paint off. Mail routes are tough on cars, you know. But then I read about car donations to Purple Heart Veterans. What a great idea! We can donate car! They take anything, they say– working, not-working, new, old, used, dead, everything! They will even arrange the towing. Our van is otherwise in good shape besides the transmission, muffler, rust, broken back hatch, bad tires, hole in the carpet, bad shocks, side doors that freeze and stick in the winter, and leaking power steering reservoir! :whistle: Well, maybe they can crunch it like a tuna can and sell the scrap metal. Or sell the extra parts to other crazy people who drive minivans. Seriously– the van isn’t THAT bad, or else I would be too ashamed to give it away! Besides the fact that it was a postal vehicle for a few years, the inside is still very nice, and some of the parts are new. I think it would be an honor to be able to help veterans.

See the link on how to donate a car. I think donations are tax-deductible, and you could make somebody really, really happy. And if I can figure out a way to get rid of the minivan, I will be really, really happy!

5 Responses to “What To Do With the Old Klunker”

  1. Karen and Gerard Says:

    Sounds like a great idea to me. I think it’s time you let that klunker go.

  2. RE - RecycledFrockery Says:

    I actually got my saturn from a charity lot.
    put money into it to get it started up good.
    and it cost me money all along but all in all
    it was and actually still is a good car. yes I
    still have it.

    • Rebecca Says:

      I hear Saturns are very reliable cars.. but are they even sold new today? That sounds like you got a great deal, RE. We never get our cars new– a dealer we know gets them from auctions for us. šŸ˜€

  3. Connie Says:

    I had a friend suggest donating his old vehicle to the local fire department for training purposes… yea, it was a minivan. Some SUVs will fit 6 adults. I reserved an Explorer this past summer, but when I got to the airport, all they had was an Expedition. It sat EIGHT people very comfortably. That thing was HUGE!

    • Rebecca Says:

      The Hubs mentioned the Expedition… but oh my word, when he said that, all I saw was dollars for gasoline flying out the windows…