What’s With the Pansy Winter Storm Names? Or, I Must Be Feeling Better Cuz I’m Back to Ranting

February 8, 2013


Good heavens, as if the media hasn’t dumbed down our culture enough, now they are assigning names to winter “storms.”


What the?

Here in the Great Northeast, we get big snows, like, A LOT. We don’t need no stinkin’ names like “Ivan,” “Nemo” and “Willie.” What is this now, SeaWorld?! What ever happened to adult conversation? Way back when I was a wee lass, big snowstorms were remembered by their year: Blizzard of ’78, Blizzard of ’73, Storm of ’61. Back then, we didn’t cower in our homes, terrified of snow. Heck, we dug ourselves out, went to school, went to work, built snowmen, made do. No hype, no fear. If the power went out, guess what we used to do back then? INTERACT WITH OTHER HUMANS. We READ BOOKS. WE PLAYED board games. We played in the snow.

Shovel Man

It’s a sad day when an entire culture basically shuts down because of a lot of snow, or rain. Sheesh. Yes, storms happen. I’ve been through some catastrophes. But a blizzard is NOT a catastrophe! Don’t treat it like it’s an abhorrent interruption of our lives. It’s a PART of life!

And thank you — YES! — I AM feeling better. :grinny: I’m also looking forward to some snow. Prepare the snow forts and snow ammo, mateys! :beanie:

Backyard Snow2

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3 Responses to “What’s With the Pansy Winter Storm Names? Or, I Must Be Feeling Better Cuz I’m Back to Ranting”

  1. Lin Says:

    Who started this???! It’s so dumb! Why do we have to name everything? And the hype…criminy…don’t get me started.

    My mom did not leave her house for 2 days….because we had some ice. Seriously. She called to tell me this today–like it’s big news. We live in Chicago…we have ice AND snow. It’s cold. You put on your coat and go out…or not. But you can’t even walk a few feet to the mailbox to get your mail because the news told you it was icy??? C’mon. Walk on the grass, Mom.

    It’s the new state of panic—the media LOVES it and it’s brainwashing the general public! Ugh.

  2. Lin Says:

    I just read about it today–it’s the Weather Channel doing this. They think that naming storms will allow people (complete idiots, apparently) to track storms more easily. The National Weather Service is asking them to stop.

  3. frogmama Says:

    I couldn’t agree more. I live in Connecticut, and I can’t believe the hype surrounding the latest storm. Yes we got a record amount of snow but it’s the northeast and it’s winter–snow is expected. The news have turned even the smallest storms into media freakouts for ratings–and they’ve changed the way people look at the weather. People are scared silly. Hail! Snow! Wind! Rain! Run!