When Lethargy Hits

September 29, 2010


…Is it just me? Is it something in the air? It’s been pretty gray and gloomy for a few days now– sheesh, it’s not even November yet!

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I can barely muster the energy to write blog posts… to even READ blog posts. How lame is that?

Maybe I really exhausted myself after all that renovation, but I have been seeing other folks (on Twitter) mention how tired they feel. What causes this? It can’t always be the weather… is it our diets? Is the cause some great cosmic occurrence, our lethargy caused by the earth fleeing the sun for the next winter’s rest??

I am usually not so fatigued. I usually feel very invigorated when fall arrives. I have never been a “tired” person, so this kind of feeling is strange and very unwelcome. So I tend to think it may be the change of the season or a “low pressure” system in the atmosphere. Have you been feeling tired lately?


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2 Responses to “When Lethargy Hits”

  1. Secondary Roads Says:

    My cat loves to climb onto my lap, curl up and fall asleep. I usually follow his example shortly after. šŸ™‚

  2. Jay Says:

    It is certainly not just you. I have been exhausted lately, even though I get a good amount of sleep! Caffeine hasn’t even been helping me lately. It’s been terrible! šŸ™