Whimsy on the Weekend

July 2, 2011


I should be working on writing articles this afternoon, but I’ve had a very bad case of the procrastinaties today. I spent too much time surfing, finding funny photos and enjoying a number of belly laughs. The photos are so good, I just HAVE to share them with you so that you can procrastinate, too, and I wont feel so bad about it! Haha!

Seriously, these are just hilarious. Enjoy your weekend!


desperate cat hijacks car

Karate School! I’d say everyone passed with flying colors!


They call him “Killer.”


moon and earth collision

funny pictures of cats with captions


imperial cat

I really wonder if this photo is photoshopped. I mean, how can this be??? … :blink: ????
onlee 6 mor sinz 2 go!!

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