Who Wants To Save Money?

August 21, 2010


Well, I do! What a silly question! :grinny:

If you REALLY want to save money, why do you pay full price for your online shopping products?? There’s a veritable pot o’ gold at the end of rainbow, Frugal Hacks! Here’s the best way to save yourself some of that cash when you shop online: USE COUPONS and PROMO CODES. I have– literally– saved hundreds of dollars by using coupons and promo codes. The key is finding these codes and coupons. One reliable source I have been using is Savings.com coupons. They are reliable, and have a billion (well, pretty close, it seems!) coupons, codes, and promotions. The website is free to use. The coupons are just sitting there, begging for you to use. You can search by store, by category, by tags, or just browse around for good deals. Right now, back to school stuff and clothing is hot. But there’s also stuff for electronics, books, car parts, home improvement materials, housewares, travel, food, restaurants, and more. You will have to go see it all. You can even be a pal, ad submit coupons for the rest of us to use, too.

Savings.com is well organized; it’s easy to sift through the stores and easy to use the coupons. They also have a new feature called “Answers,” where you can ask the folks at Savings.com regarding what you want to save money on, and they will do their best to answer you. Nice.

NEVER buy anything online without first checking for coupons! Why pay more than you have to?


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