Whole Bunch of Turkeys Will Be There

October 22, 2011


Spotted at my local Walmart:


Stuffed behind a HUGE display and assortment of stupid Halloween crap (I hate Halloween), the Thanksgiving stuff barely gets any notice. But I saw these turkey hats and nearly keeled over with laughter. The hats play “Turkey in the Straw.”

WHAT KIND of looney family would wear a TURKEY HAT?!?!?



Oh yeah. Ha. I forgot.

Maybe we’ll start a new trend.

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One Response to “Whole Bunch of Turkeys Will Be There”

  1. Renee Says:

    Hehe šŸ˜› Who knew they had a section for Thanksgiving stuff! Well, I never noticed…. I guess it was drowned out by all the Halloween and CHRISTMAS (already?!) displays!