Why I Love Paint Shop Pro

April 1, 2010


Instant clean house! Voila!



Sorry I haven’t visited your blogs much the past few days. Boy, it’s been crazy. Daisy the beagle is better, albeit moving a lot slower than she was. But she’s able to go outside, and that makes her very happy, as the SUN is out today, and temps are rising. Yay!

I was also hit with a slew of articles, all with short deadlines. :S Today I will wrap the last bundle, and then I can finally fool around again!

BTW, I wrote a How To article on How To Use StumbleUpon, as Jay had requested. :mrgreen: Thanks for the suggestion, Jay. I’ll have more How Tos soon. I have a few in the works, but first I have to write my articles about the invention of the vacuum cleaner and how to install XP off a memory card on a Linux netbook. :egads: whew!


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4 Responses to “Why I Love Paint Shop Pro”

  1. Secondary Roads Says:

    I’ve done that too. Not only to clean the house but to remove other “artifacts” as well. I did read your StubmbleUpon post and spent a couple of hours in follow up. It was interesting, but not where I want to go at this time.

  2. Sparkle Says:

    Ha-ha, my human uses that Photoshop trick ALL the time! Too bad she can’t Photoshop people’s eyes when they come over and visit in person!

  3. carla brown Says:

    ha ha…cute kitty….