Why Turnip of Power is Wrong About Entrecards

October 17, 2008

My two bits

Firstly, I’d like to make the point that without Entrecards and the Inbox feature, I’d never have known about Turnip of Power. K?

I was dropping Entrecards and visited Turnip of Power. It’s an OK blog– but it’s about making money online and etc (zzzzzz). Yet, there have been some good tech articles and I like the writing style. So I visit. It’s also nice that TOP recipro-drops. However, Turnip’s latest post, Turnip Saves Entrecard!, goes awry, IMHO. I’ll show you how.

Turnip says:

The problem facing Entrecard is that it has become little more than a link exchange, with the entire advertising system worthless.

As I understood it, EC was intended to be a place where bloggers could discover others’ blogs, and drop cards on each other so that others could find your blog. This was how the system was promoted in the beginning, before becoming another money-making scheme and then not again. Did this change? By it’s very nature, EC is a blogger’s network. This is why I LIKE Entrecard. Without EC, I never would have found 100% of the blogs I now love, nor the bloggers who have become new and very dear friends.

And I do have to dispute the term “link exchange.” Although we bloggers “advertise” other’s blogs via the widget, I am not linking to others’ blogs– I am linking to the EC site that links to the others’ blogs. I get, for example, no PageRank juice when blogs host my widget. I think the term “link exchange” is debatable and not completely accurate, not when you are talking about blog to blog.

Turnip says:

The writing on the wall was there when people started asking about importing the entire RSS inbox instead of the 20 most recent… Why did it ever become so imperative to drop on a spammer simply because they dropped on us? Because we want to max out our 300 card limit, but there aren’t 300 easily found quality blogs in the system. Sure we all have different values. But I had a hard time finding 20 really good blogs, let alone 300. So everyone takes the easy way out, dropping their 300 cards as quickly as possible just to get it over with.

Firstly, there are WAAAAAAY more than 20 “quality” blogs on EC. I have probably seen 20,000 of the EC blogs. I’d estimate that of those 20,000 that I have seen, 750 to 1,000 of them are TERRIFIC blogs that I like. I suppose “quality” is very subjective. Maybe my tastes are wider or my standards are lower, but there are WAAAY more than just 20 good blogs in EC. Turnip, where have you been visiting?!

I haven’t been with EC since it’s inception, but I have been with them since before the credits became king. I will say that it is a leap to judge that the request for entire RSS feeds proves that EC is a link exchange. I find the Inbox a valuable resource. With it, I can see the widgets of the people who have dropped on me. I can discover new blogs this way. Spammers will be in the Inbox, too– but spammers visit my blog all the time, anyway! It is a leap to say that we all will click on the ads of spammers and therefore the Inbox should be removed. What’s going to happen if more and more control measures are applied is that there will be so many, many control measures that you will force out just about everyone! There has to be some kind of freedom here. No, we don’t *want* spam blogs, but we all know that there WILL be spam blogs that get in. Leaving it up to the blogger is best. Let US decided if we want to continue to drop on crap blogs. I agree that there should definitely be a moderation panel that approves blogs, but eliminating the Inbox for fear of spam blogs slipping in is nonsensical. It is important that EC has quality control measures, but if it becomes too stringent, it will wind up choking everyone out. The beauty of EC is that we can EXPLORE and discover new blogs. Isn’t that enough?? Everything else is extra.

Turnip says:

There lies the success and failure of Entrecard in one simple sentence. “We all want people to visit our blog, but we don’t want to visit other people’s blogs”. Now if we have to live with that necessary evil, let’s make it as quick and painless as possible. Entrecard can deliver the traffic, and you learn quickly what it takes to get that traffic. Unfortunately that has nothing to do with credits or advertising anymore. At this point, people are thinking “keep your credits, I just want the 300 people I drop on to drop on me”.

Um, I think the first sentence is complete error. Sorry, Turnip. I admit, I LOVE it when people visit my blogs. But I also LOVE visiting others’ blogs. I love discovering new sites, new people, new places, etc. EC has opened up a whole new world of Egyptian cats that move to Germany, of stuffed cow mascots, of strawbale homes, of new WordPress tips, of Thailand smiles, of Georgian car lovers, of Filipino recipes… I LOVE what Entrecards has done. And I think it is a great discipline, dropping 300 cards. It’s not like anyone HAS to drop cards to be in EC. No one is being forced to drop 300 cards, so why is it so reproachable that some do, even if some do it just because we like to visit blogs and couldn’t care less about credits?

I care not about the money-making credit-scheme end of it. I am coming from the pure blogging for pleasure and the joy of making friends. That’s all I get from EC and that’s enough for me. I love the Inbox and seeing whose been visiting me, I love the freedom of mingling with the John Chows and Posh Mamas of the group free of charge, and I love the traffic.

Please, don’t turn Entrecards into another World Trade Center for bloggers. Once the “fun” and “free” elements disappear and hierarchical classes of bloggers are established, you’ve lost the touch and become just another machine among all the other machines out there.

37 Responses to “Why Turnip of Power is Wrong About Entrecards”

  1. Lori Says:

    I have to agree with you!! I am never able to reach my 300 because I am too busy reading the blogs I have found through EC! I love being able to find other blogs that interest me. Anyone that is complaining about it is probably only in it to get the 300 drops to get the visitors! I absolutely love reading about different things! So, I will keep visiting-even if I got no credits I would continue!!
    Thrifty Thoughts,
    Mommy Mia’s World,
    Mia’s Motivation &
    Mia’s Menu Mania

  2. waterrose Says:

    I couldn’t have said it better myself. I also know that there are many more than 20 quality blogs on Entrecard. Many of the people who I now visit their blog and they visit mine and comment…we found each other on Entrecard. I think there are two different gropus on EC and each have their own agenda. If people just want to drop and go and not form relationships…then let them. But there is also people like us that do enjoy all of the different types of blogs that we wouldn’t have otherwise found.

  3. ceblogger Says:

    entrecard is fun. it’s a great idea, but needs polishing to keep up with the times. Some changes we agree, some we don’t.

  4. ovethetopaprons Says:

    Very well put; it is important not to loose sight of the purpose of Entrecard. I agree, I have found some great sights and some very nice people – you being one of them; I enjoy all 3 of your blogs …Thanks!

    (oh, my other blogs: themommyandmeboutique and overthetopaprons

  5. chilly Says:

    Awesome post indeed.
    I do believe and feel the same as Turnip on a lot of things, but this time I don’t agree on much of his post. I flew though his post this evening plus commented on it and shouldn’t have because I was in a hurry. Had to go back and reread later.
    Myself, I don’t use the inbox and don’t care if it’s there or not. But I wouldn’t say it should be taken away because like you, and wife and many others do like it.
    Like Waterrose has said, I too think there are two different groups of Entrecard. Only I feel there is The Big Dogs and then I feel there are The Little Pups like me that the big dogs would like to see faded out. That said, I see a time coming soon that I think I will be pushed out, if I don’t decide to just leave which I am thinking on. Already seen three blogs that I enjoyed deleted out and one other left on their own will.
    I do also feel Entrecard is becoming like any other site out there, forget blogs meeting other blogs and start making the almighty dollar bill.

  6. Preston Says:

    I like Entrecard and I have found some really cool blogs from it. But I fear that most people are not reading my blog and just dropping and leaving. I don’t want a service which just brings people to my blog so they can click a button and leave. I have a contest going on since the beginning of the week for Entrecard users. I’ve had over 170 drops in three days and only 15 users have entered the contest and some of them aren’t from Entrecard. The only rule to the contest was they needed to leave a comment. I like Entrecard but I think the majority of the people just drop and leave without reading the blogs. (Not all but I think it’s a good portion)

  7. Maggie Says:

    I am fairly new to Entrecard, and I have enjoyed seeing a lot of new blogs I might not have found otherwise, many of which I have added to my Google reader.

    Preston, I entered your contest tonight, and I will say that I missed it the first time because so many people’s contests require me to blog about them to enter, that I kind of glaze over them now because I don’t want my whole blog to end up being about other people’s entrecard contests.

  8. Maggie Says:

    OH, and I wanted to add that I have gotten some comments so I know that someone is reading and not just dropping.

  9. nukeit Says:

    The views of one user shouldn’t affect the management of a large system that EC has. I found EC via Turnips blog (stumbled upon), and his tips and stuff really served me well when I was just starting out. Now I have my own methods and opinions of where EC should go, but I don’t expect anything to come of it. That said, some people get the whole power trip thing going once they’ve become established in a community and it’s pretty sad. I think all this drama will just fizzle out over time, so for the most part I just try to ignore it. I hope others will do the same.

  10. Ana Says:

    IMO opinion EC is what you make out of it. If you drop 300 cards a day and run then probably Turnip is right, but if you use EC like you, your commenters above and me, if you use it for building relations and making friends, then EC is more than dropping cards.

  11. Daisy the Curly Cat Says:

    Well said! I have found a lot of blogs through Entrecard that I enjoy and visit again and again (including yours!).

  12. Nicole Says:

    I could not have said that any better. I love EC and have found some absolutely amazing blogs. I have about 180 blogs or so in my favorites – these are blogs I visit daily and check out to see what is new. I don’t just drop and run as TOP seems to think mostly everyone does.

    Yes, I will drop and run if the blog does not interest me, but before EC I did that too. So what’s the difference? I wouldn’t have found that particular blog if it hadn’t have been for EC so be happy for the traffic. If you’re writing something that interests me, I’ll save you and be back often. If you’re not, yeah probably won’t be back. But that’s just the way life is.

    Anyway, your post freakin’ rocks and says everything I would have said.

  13. Web-Betty Says:

    To reiterate what many have said above, great post! I, too, enjoy TOP’s blog. I also commented on his latest EC post. Not necessarily to agree, but to comment on my process. I never get close to dropping 300 cards. I think my highest was 162. 🙂 I have found some wonderful blogs, which I have added to my Delicious bookmarks so I don’t have to rely on EC to find them. Good thing, too, because one of my faves just left!

    I drop as much as I can for the credits so I can advertise, but I don’t stress over it. I definitely drop-and-run on the blogs that are only money-making schemes, blogs that are 50+ percent advertising, or blogs that just don’t offer what I’m interested in. On the blogs I enjoy, not only do I drop, I comment (if I have something relevant to say) so the blogger knows they are being read.

    All in all, I’ve been pretty happy with my EC experience–growing pains and all.

  14. Lidian Says:

    Couldn’t have said it better myself!

    I like EC very much and feel enriched by discovering so many wonderful blogs that I would never have known about otherwise – all of yours very much included. There are many MANY more than 20 wonderful blogs on EC!

    Thanks for writing this and putting it so perfectly.

  15. Lynne Says:

    Here, here! Great post and I have to agree. Yes, there are those days when I have to drop & run just due to time constraints. But, most days, I spend time, probably too much time, reading at least the top post on each blog I drop on.
    I drop 300 per day and I refuse to drop on crap blogs. If a blog hasn’t updated in 30 days or more, I don’t drop, I don’t care if they are a regular dropper on me. If they’re more dedicated to dropping EC than posting on their own blog, they need to refocus IMHO.
    I drop from my inbox and that does not mean that just because they’re in my inbox they get reciprocated. Like I said, I do have criteria of my own. The inbox lets me know who’s been by.
    I also drop from my in box only AFTER I’ve visited anyone who has stopped by a left me a legitimate comment on my blog. I visit those bloggers first. I then drop on those blogs that are running current ads for me. I then go to my inbox.
    EC is only as good as we make it, for ourselves. I have found some excellent blogs that I would have never found otherwise. Isn’t the purpose of EC to help build traffic? If yes, than it has definitely worked for me and is continuing to do so.
    Thanks for a great post! 😀

  16. Garden Gnome Says:

    Hi 🙂 I have awarded you the Brilliant Award based on your blog design, content and enjoyable read. I hope you accept this award and display it on your blog. Thanks for writing such an wonderful blog. Your award can be picked up on my cooking blog Mom’s Cafe Home Cooking

    BTW, I found your blog through EC and I have to agree with a lot of the points being made in the comments.

  17. Dan Brantley Says:

    People see what they want to see, and Turnip is no exception. Entrecard is only a means to an end as you described a way to discover other blogs and be discovered yourself. The fallacy in some people’s thinkin is that because people drop and go it is poor traffic. Actually until a blog gets a significant audience and traffic I would guess nearly all the traffic is in and out traffic. At least with Entrecard we know someone stopped by. It takes multifaceted marketing efforts to grow the audience of a blog, and Entrecard can be part of that.

  18. tahtimbo Says:

    This was a fantastic article. I agree that there should be controls and rules in place. The ones that were just currently introduced, I feel, will help EntreCard become a better place (no music, no pop-up ads,etc). However, I feel, as you do, that the final control comes down to the blog owner themselves. I am relatively new here (since July), but I have found many wonderful sites; sites that I would not have found outside of Entrecard. I also enjoy going through my inbox and seeing who is visiting me site. I also enjoy visiting their sites and discovering new ones. Dropping cards should not be seen as “just another chore to get done”, but as an adventure and a journey of discovery. For, out there somewhere, is your next favorite blog, just waiting to be discovered. I also wanted to let you know that you have just received a most prestigious award. You can swing by my site, http://mrmomsunite.blogspot.com , to pick it up…the paparazzi are already there and waiting for you.

  19. Talen Says:

    Excellent post. There many quality blogs at Entrecard and that’s the only reason I have stuck around so long.

  20. Chris Says:

    I agree too. EC is a traffic exchange more than a link exchange, and it serves us well in bringing in more hits to our sites. The inbox is an easy way to keep track of who drops on you so you can reciprocate. I also agree there are way more than 20 good blogs at Entrecard, way more and if not for EC I would never have discovered them. I have read some excellent posts by Turnip but I think he’s wrong on this one.

  21. Mountain Woman Says:

    I love Entrecard. I’m not into 300 drops a day nor do I care if my blog is ranked at the top. I love Entrecard because of the blogs I have discovered and as I do my drops, I read and enjoy. Without Entrecard, I would have never known about many wonderful blogs including yours.
    Thanks for the post.

  22. Hilary Says:

    I read this post yesterday but didn’t have time to leave my comment, which basically is:

    You ROCK, girl!!!

    *high five*

  23. Angie Says:

    I agree with you! I don’t have EC on all my blogs and for those that don’t have it, I do searches for similar blogs to comment on. So in effect, EC does the searching for me. Yes, there are crap blogs on EC, but I’d run across those kind of blogs anyway. With EC you just make a mental note and don’t return.

  24. Robin Sampson Says:

    Thanks for the explanation. Its extremely helpful. I agree with you–I am coming from the pure blogging for pleasure and the joy of making friends.

  25. bluecrystaldude Says:

    This was very well written. I am a college student, spending time to drop 300 EC per day may not be my daily routine. I have to admit that I agree with certain points form Turnip’s, especially in combating the spammer but the idea of taken down the inbox is not in my mind. I already found lots of good quality blogs along my way and my last count certainly exceed 20 🙂

    Nice article indeed

  26. carol at A Second Cup Says:

    Excellent post. Why do people have to focus on the negative without mentioning the positive.
    E-card is free
    E-card lets you find other interesting blogs
    E-card gives new bloggers free exposure
    You can meet some very nice bloggers on e-card. Unless you are excessively picky or specialized there are many good blogs to be found and maybe a few will find you also.
    While I don’t get any direct pr from the widget, e-card has helped me build page rank.

    If they could find a way to link e-card with the Wii so I could exercise, read, comment and drop, it would be perfect!

  27. Bella Casa Says:

    Thank you for the post. I am still learning EC, but am glad to read all that I can about it. I am sure I will re-read this in the future when I start to understand EC better. Thanks again!

    Bella 🙂

  28. trench Says:

    I feel that 90% of my traffic from EC just drop and leave. I do have a few who stay and make comments but majority dont. I think I have some good content to talk about too. ;(

  29. LuAnn Says:

    At the beginning I tried to read and comment on everyone on whom I “dropped”. Some blogs are not updated as often, some are tech-nically over my head (*lol*) and frankly there are not enough hours in the day! 🙂 But I enjoy EC too!

  30. Tricia Says:

    I find that I only have time to visit EC sites a few times a week, but when I am visiting blogs and dropping cards I read quite a few posts. I don’t always stop to leave a comment, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t take a moment to read the post.

    I’ve discovered quite a number of blogs that I enjoy through EC, and I know that I’ve also gained some regular visitors through Entrecard as well, so I’m quite happy with EC.

  31. Jill Says:


    I have been doing Entrecard a couple of months now and I think it is much more interesting than just a traffic exchange. I have tried some traffic exchanges and do not bother with them much because the sites they show are all just money making schemes and scams. At least Entrecard has the choice of reading some interesting blogs which I do along the way dropping on blogs from my previous days inbox. It seems only fair to return the visits and a big part of the effort is to get more traffic. But it is also interesting to read some of the blogs like this one along the way.

  32. pam Says:

    I totally agree; my love for Entrecard comes not from traffic but the very real currency of new blogger friends! I don’t drop every day and when I don’t I miss reading those blogs… and some have been added to my feed reader.

    Excellent post!

  33. Lainy Says:

    Now I want to salute you for coming up with this excellent post. With all due respect to Turnip of Power, I couldn’t help but agree with all the points you have raised.

    EntreCard is a free site for driving traffics to our blogs and we ALL benefited from it. The “drop and run” phenomenon though doesn’t serve us well but we all have our reasons. I must admit, EC did wonders for my blogs. But more than the traffic, I have made wonderful friends from here and I couldn’t have done it without EC.

    I drop 900 cards day in and day out.. That’s for my 3 blogs. But it doesn’t mean I would love to just take and take. I always try my very best to return all the drops made on my blogs. I always feel bad though because I couldn’t return drop to all of them because I always get more than 300 return drops daily.

    You’re right. Quality is subjective. We all have our own standards for quality and no one can dictate us.

    I always drop from my Inbox. Even with the innovation of EntreBar, I still use the old ways of dropping because I love seeing people’s widgets from my inbox.

    With these recent developments from EntreCard, I hope we could all benefit from it- a win-win situation for us all.

    This reminded me of the contest that I am currently running in one of my blogs. 19, 000 EC credits were sponsored by friends to make this contest possible. I am a little apprehensive on how I could give out the prizes at one shot as EC has regulated the sending out of credits not to mention the surcharges that could be incurred. EntreCard have been encouraging bloggers to put up BIG contests, but when we ask for assistance, they seems to be nowhere to be found. I have already tried to seek out their help on the matter RE: sending out of credits, but still no word from them.

  34. Shinade Says:

    Oh I love EC. My blog is completely non profit. I don’t run any adds at all. And I too never saw EC as a as to make money.

    I like it for all of the reasons stated. It is a great way to find some great blogs. I have a lot of really good blogs through EC. Some are now among my very favorite.

    I am happy and I hope if you visit my site you will think it is a quality blog also.

    I truly like Ec and wish them the best as they grow.

  35. Jennifer Says:

    Rebecca, I couldn’t have said it better myself. When I read his post I was thinking exactly what you said. I love visiting other blogs. I would never drop from a list like he does because then I wouldn’t ever find any new or different blogs on EC. I usually drop on my Inbox but then I drop on the ads on the blogs in my inbox and often on the ads of those blogs. So, I think the ad system does work. Thanks for speaking out.

  36. Ann Says:

    Very well said! I have been on Entrecard for about a month and have had a surge of QUALITY traffic to my blog, along with a dramatic amount of comments on my blog. So I know people are actually reading my blog. I have also enjoyed coming across other blogs that otherwise I may not have known about.

  37. Fool Says:

    Valid points made by both parties.