Winterizing on the Way! Mudflaps, Snow Tires, Oil Filters… sigh

August 25, 2011


The air has a slight nip in it today. The skies are very gloomy with a thickness that resembles autumn skies. Only a few more weeks of summer and then back to cooler weather for us! I was SO looking forward to it, because the summer has been super hot and humid. And the spring was just one great big mud-fest (the weather guys say it rained every single day but one this spring!). Autumn will be awesome! We will take day trips everywhere, now that the temperatures are cooler and my car tires no longer stick to the hot, gooey roads!

My reverie was suddenly interrupted by reality. Oh wait. The car.

This will be my first year driving a sedan in… oh wow, 20 years? Have I really owned a minivan that long?? Sedans operate differently in snow than the heavier vehicles. I remember quite a few mishaps as a young employee whose place of work was at an elevation of 1500 feet atop a mountain. There is NO WAY I’m driving that sedan without snow tires.

Then a flood of other things hit me. I need an oil change. I need the husband to check the brakes (they are squeaking again). And the mud flap wheel wheel area is all busted up (it wasn’t me!) as if the driver plowed through a huge bank of snow. I also need the emergency brake fixed, and a new battery and my suspension parts need installing. Plus there’s a blown fuse that affects window operation….. ugh !!! I have to winterize the car! Not fun. My car is foreign, so parts are not exactly cheap (thank God the parts last longer, though). A long time ago when I had an American car, I could find find ford fiesta parts pretty easily, and at good prices. Now, everything is online, even mud flaps, car mats, tires, and oil filters!

Well, I guess this ruined my hopes of simply “cruising” into autumn. Still, I love my car and I LOVE that car parts are less expensive. The hard part is getting the guys to install them for me. 😀

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