Wool Meets the 21st Century

July 13, 2010


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So what do you think of when you think of wool? I am reminded of installing fiberglass insulation (something I’m doing to the home this week): horribly itchy, hot, uncomfortable. I wore wool as a kid. ONCE. I couldn’t stand it. It was disgusting! How did people in the “olden” days ever tolerate the stuff? All I could do is fidget and scratch. I’ve never tried wool since.

However, it appears that wool is making something if a come-back, especially now that more and more folks want to get away from the petroleum-based clothing like polyester and stuff. Wool is wonderful because it is renewable, natural, and comes from really cute little sheep that eat grass and hop around. There’s this company, Rambler’s Way Farm, up here in the Northeast, that has come up with a superior technology of manufacturing wool. Rambler’s Way Farm has this wool-making technology called “WINDspun”: it’s a deliciously light way to spin wool so that it’s lightweight, not hot, and comfortable! Imagine! Comfortable wool! I’ve gone through their catalog of clothing, and it’s just beautiful.

By the way, Rambler’s Way Farm is very “green” conscientious. They don’t dump chlorine to pre-wash the clothing– they use a patented enzyme treatment. And the wool comes from the cute and cuddly American Rambouillet sheep, producing some of the finest wool ever. Everything is American made. 😀

It’s really a win-win all the way around– beautiful, comfortable wool made in America by Americans, and it’s eco-friendly, too. And you can shop online, too! Check out the website. They have some great videos about how the wool is spun; it’s pretty neat! And it looks so squishy and soft. It just may change your mind about wool. Technology is a beautiful thing.
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